Michael Elliot-

Mike is a proto-typical Gen X'er: Adaptable, Independent, suspicious of authority, hates titles, and above-all a slacker by nature. Believing you 'work to live, not live to work'.  The latter was also no doubt greatly influenced by his Southern Louisiana upbringing.


He has a Bachelor of Applied Sciences in Technology Management, emphasis in Construction. and is currently pursuing an MS in Construction Management. Michael plans on garnering another MS in either Engineering Management or Public Policy at a later date. Time and family willing of course.


Michael's views of the world are from a Conservatarian/Traditionalist/Modernist perspective. (Yes...there are a lot of competing and conflicting ideals there.) He understands that the world is an often complicated place and ever evolving place. However, in today's world, he recognizes that change comes far to fast. And more often than not is this so-called (P)rogress ever measured against the prism of the past, a place where our greatest lessons lay. As Benjamin Franklin once stated, "Today is yesterday's pupil."

Michael believes in the concept of  Natural Law from the Aquinas/Cicero/Burkean camps as a guiding fundamental and universal principle. Also and equally as important he also shares this view on Natural Rights of the individual from the Lockean outlook.

Finally and like most modern dwelling humans...he loves tech and all of the glittering, shiny distractions it can provide. It has its place as a tool...not as a life-crutch. But still feels that there is nothing like the feeling of a good old fashion paperback classic to the get the mind juices stirring.


Michael enjoys reading about obscure economic thought, political theory, and history. He is an avid practitioner of Krav Maga--Israeli inspired martial arts--and tries to hit the gym as much as his lazy ass will let him. Also and most important is spending time with his family whom he loves very, very dearly.

Jason Bradley-

Jason is the site’s Dissident Right and nationalist-conservative. After years of disgust, he finally accepted identity politics as the New Way. As a nationalist-conservative, he believes Conservative Inc. is a waste of time and money and has greatly failed the fight against progressivism.

Jason holds a Masters in Diplomacy (political economy) and an undergraduate in political science. His real education comes from living, reading widely, and watching the world around him. 

Jason appreciates America’s national identity as a unifying factor and opposes ruinous elements that deny this identity exist or seek to change it. National and political inspiration comes from civic unity, patriotism, cultural identity and a belief in group-destiny of America. The chief antagonists to these claims are the liberal agents of multiculturalism, political correctness and the policies they promote in the name of diversity, which have led to the Balkanization of the United States of America. Therefore, he represents and promotes the interests of the majority in America that share in common a counter-liberal orientation.

Jason enjoys a nice cigar and a glass of Scotch to match. He loves to read widely from biographies to economics. The tonnage his bookcases support makes him feel superior to others. He’s an avid boxing fan and trains actively in the sport. He’s a father of two children whom he doesn’t get to see often enough. If you are ever in the Northern Virginia area, reach out at the website. He likes to meet new people.



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