BHO Experience vs. Palin Experience for Prez: Darn, I Forgot She is Running for Veep


Well the attacks are in, "Palin has no experience, she was only a mayor of 9,000 and a Governor for 2 years!" "You can't have her one step away from the Presidency!" "Yeah and it negates the experience issue about Barack!" Oh, really?

Actually, it doesn't. I think the Obama campaign and the MSM must really think we are a bunch of boobs. Newsflash Barry, Sarah Palin isn't running for the Presidency, John McCain is. Did the Obama camp forget about that?

Okay, so let's look at Palin; she presides over a state that encompasses 570,374 sq.mi, has a population of 670,053 people, the GDP of Alaska is $41 billion, along with the state House and Senate, she filled Alaska's coffers with an extra $5 billion dollars for FY 08, to accomplish this feat she had to reach across the aisle to Democrats as well as some bull headed Republicans, stands in command of 1,850 Alaska Army and Air National Guardsman (Small, yes, but still military.), her state is about 50 miles or more away from Russia and is bordered on the other side by Canada, so she has never dealt with a foreign nation. She understands the energy crunch and what to do about it better than anyone. She was the Chairwoman of the State's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which regulates Alaska's oil and gas resources. I don't think she is qualified to even work in fast food with this resume.

Besides voting on legislation, what has Barry managed and led? Let's take a look at him...............Wow!! That was quick.

Does managing a campaign for 2 out of the 3 years you have been in office count? What about counting the Greek backdrop at the DNC as an infrastructure project? Maybe helping out the local pot dealers in Denver by attracting Moonbats to buy from them can be thought of as a community outreach program with economic implications.

Moving on.

Evidence presented, Palin has demonstrated more potential for leadership and reform in her short 2 year bid as Alaska's Governor. She has done what she said she was going to do, kept her promises, and fought hard for her constituents well being. I would even take her record as a lowly Mayor and put it up against Obama's "lengthy resume" as a US Senator. I think that alone would make her a better candidate than the whine and blame candidate.


PS How long do you think it will take Joe "Foot-in-Mouth" Biden to say something stupid about Governor Palin? I would really love your predictions.

Edit: I just came across this via A Second Hand Conjecture and man oh man, this does not bode well for our junior Senator. Governor Palin visiting her own Guardsman in the desert. How many Senators from Illinois do this and not just for a photo-op or through prodding from a rival candidate? The more I investigate her the more I see her potential for greatness.

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Palin Punditry



In the past 2 days I think I have changed my posts about four times. It started with the Barackopolis, to some speech I think he gave, to McCain's response to this alleged speech, to this bombshell. Boy is she a bombshell, too. Governor Palin is the epitome of everything good in the American woman; intelligent, wise, tough, successful, driven, family oriented, grounded, uber-Conservative, and not mention absolutely beautiful. I think I am in love. (As I posted on another site, I sound like a Lib swooning over Obama, oh well.) But, not only does she possess all these remarkable qualities, she can serve as a role model for young women in America today who are often so lost, not saying the guys aren't either. She shows that you can still be wildly successful, have a great family, and still be you. She shows that you do not have to abandon traditional family values and sacrifice them for success. She is the mother of five, her most recent addition has Down syndrome and has one child is serving in Iraq, a wife, she is a Governor, and a leader. She is someone to look up to. Not one article I have read on this amazing woman has even touched on this potential yet. Governor Palin goes totally against the status quo. She is not exactly what the Washington elite, both Repub and Lib, think a woman should be and the best part is she is not apologetic for it. Got to love this choice!!

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GOP: Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome


With the way Republicans have been the past few years I hate giving them any credit on some apparently successful actions. Usually they suffer from dementia, that has long plagued the Democrats, and end up shooting themselves in the foot.

While the Liberals/Poptards/MoonBats run amok in Denver, claiming to be healing rifts while their power players make new ones, the GOP is in a strategic mind set. They are dealing with their rifts behind closed doors and are apparently meeting in the middle, not the centrist middle, the reasonable middle.

Steve Spruiell, for the National Review, had this to say about the GOP's crafty energy policy that will be presented at the convention.

The global warming vs. climate change debate was part of the effort to find a common ground between McCain, who believes that warming is an urgent threat that requires an aggressive reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions, and Republicans who are skeptical of such claims. [1]

The expected fissure between Mr. Maverick and the GOP conservatives popped up and I am sure a lot of people were thinking, " Oh great, here we go again." But, everybody took a breath and seemed to rely on their intelligence, not their emotions.

The chair and co-chair of the subcommittee told the delegates with the biggest concerns to work together on alternative language rather than file a bunch of separate amendments. “Essentially, we re-wrote the first paragraph,” says the delegate I talked to. “We decided to strike the whole thing and come up with something better.” [1]

This led to this draft being used for the climate change agenda.

The new version dropped the sentence that attributed warming to human activity. It also added a line after “measured and reasonable steps” that stated, “Any policies should be global in nature, based on sound science and technology, and should not harm the economy.” [1]

What can I say? I applaud the energy sub-committee, this little piece of semi-genius is simple and eloquent. They did not try and over complicate the message with legal rhetoric, scientific drooling, or McCainisms. This is a solid conservative way of approaching this issue.

Although not all the delegate committees were sitting around at the end of the day singing Kumbyah. Ironically, the national security group had trouble. One would think that this would be the one area where the GOP would excel and climate change would be where they falter.

Delegates were split into different subcommittees and it was in the national security meeting where members got into heated discussion surrounding the issues of amnesty and English as the official language of the United States. [2]

The debate was filled with words such as a “friendly debate” and “respectful disagreement” but it was clear that behind the friendly terminology there was real dispute among the members, especially with the thorny issue of illegal immigration. [2]

Yes they are having problems in certain areas, but they are being forward thinking about issues, how they construct their stances, and not thumbing their noses at new ideas. I found this very interesting, the GOP is listening to their voting base.

The RNC calls this platform drafting process the most transparent and open in their history. They received over 12,000 submissions from the public via YouTube addressing concerns people wanted to see in the platform. [2]

The GOP does have its challenges, but I think the overall attitude is that they are preparing for battle. Not in the traditional sense of Rovian smears, overwhelming their opponents with money, and lip service. These are the tactics that the Dems are practicing these days, and why not, it is what defeated them in 2000 and 2004. But, the playing field has changed for the GOP; they are more streamlined, they are listening, and they might be applying some good ole organic conservative thought. They seemingly, have adapted.


[1]Cooler Heads in the GOP
[2]The RNC Meets to Draft Their Platform: Sparks Fly on the Issue of Illegal Immigration
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Obama Thuggery, Trying to Shut Down the AIP's Ad


The Obama camp seems to be trying to smother an ad that was run by the AIP (American Issues Project) concerning Obama's notorious Ayers connection. Ben Bauers, general counsel for Obama sent a letter to the Justice Department demanding the investigation and potential prosecution of the AIP and its founder, Dallas billionaire, Harold Simmons for allegedly violating the individual aggregate contribution limits. [1]

But before you make a judgement on Obama or the AIP, you have to understand what the AIP is, what they represent, and the Obama campaign's claims against them. The American Issues Project is by their own definition:

American Issues Project is a 501(c)4 organization representing a
coalition of conservative activists committed to raising important issues that
deserve deeper examination given their impact on policy and politics.

What is a 501(c)4 organization?

A 501(c)4, by definition is, "A common type of non-profit organization that can engage in lobbying or political campaigning." [3] The IRS goes a little bit deeper, take a look.

501c4s are a common type of non-profit organization that can engage in lobbying or political campaigning.
  • “civic leagues or organizations not organized for profit but operated
    exclusively for the promotion of social welfare,
  • "or local associations of employees, the membership of which is limited to
    the employees of a designated person or persons in a particular municipality,
  • "and the net earnings of which are devoted exclusively to charitable,
    educational, or recreational purposes.” [3]

Bauer is basically making two claims against AIP 1) The group is engaged in political activities that a 501(c)(4) organization may not engage in. 2) The group, by engaging in express advocacy against Sen. Obama and engaging in no other activities, is a political committee. But it has not registered as a political committee and has not followed the rules applicable to political committees. [4]

But going back to the definition of a 501(c)4 are they really doing anything wrong?

501(c)4s can engage in political campaign activity, so long as this is consistent with the organization’s purpose and is not the organization’s primary activity. [3]

AIP is a conservative activist group, anything that the Obama camp would try to do would diametrically opposed to what this group stands for. So, opposition to the Senator's Presidential bid falls right in line with their mission statement and purpose. Also, as a 501(c)4, AIP is allowed to participate in the campaigning process which includes bringing to light viable and truthful information about the opposing candidate. If there was a lie or lies present in this ad, then it is up to the Obama camp to bring legal action against AIP in the form of a libel suit.

The second issue is whether or not the organization's prime activity is campaigning against Senator Obama. If it could proven that this was the case then they would qualify as a political committee. This would mean they are subject to FEC contribution rules that limit private donations to $5,000. Simmons, the founder of AIP, made a $2.9 million donation, which would be illegal and make him subject to prosecution. As a non-profit organization, AIP must publicly disclose all of its financial activity. Unless Mr. Bauer or the Obama camp has presented this to the DOJ (Department of Justice), this is a baseless claim. To date I have not come across anything indicating that they have this proof.

From looking at the evidence that has been presented and understanding what a 501(c)4is allowed to do, I do not see a problem. What I do see is an attempt to suppress first amendment rights on the grounds that the Obama camp has nothing to refute these claims. All that is left to assume is this is ad is working and that this baseless attack is an attempt to silence an effective assault by the Right, anyway possible.

One final note, this is not the first time the Obama campaign has used this form of legal thuggery. They were successful against the Clinton and Edwards campaigns during the primaries. [1]


1) Obama camp: Prosecute Simmons
2) American Issues Project
3) What Is a 501c4 Organization?
4) Is the American Issues Project Breaking Campaign Finance Law?
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Obama: Please get to know me. You might like me.


Well, the Convention of the Cult of Obamafornia is going to be underway. All the crazies, loonies, socialists, hippies, enviro-whackos, and elitists will be there for their messiah, participating in Obamania I.

What is even crazier is what ole Barry is trying to accomplish with people who have not yet made their decision. Check this out.

DENVER, Colorado (CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama says this week's Democratic National Convention would help give voters a better "sense of who I am" -- and Obama could get some unexpected help. [1]

A sense of who I am? What in the bloody, blue, blazes has this ego maniac been trying to do for the past year and a half? I thought the convention was about, the pomp and circumstance of receiving the nomination and generating energy for your base. Maybe, someone should tell the Obaminator that this not August 07', people should already have a "sense of who you are."

Obama said Sunday he hopes those voters will conclude from the four-day convention that he is "sort of like us. He [Obama] comes from a middle-class background. He went to school on scholarships; he had to pay off student loans. He and his wife had to worry about child care." [1]

Again a little late, don't you think? Obama is campaigning in reverse. People should already have a clear picture of who you are and what you stand for. I think that is the problem for Obama. The nation is finally getting over the hype and the Hollywood style marketing blitz. Most are realizing that there is not much more there than an empty suit with some catchy speeches. Now, this is not an indicator of a loss in November, but it is showing the cracks that have developed in the Obama campaign over the past few months and how weak he really is.


[1] Get to know me, Obama says going into convention
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Oil Diaries Part Two; The Left's Hit Job on Big Oil (Taking Down the Competition)


The Left is constantly bantering that we need to be using "renewable energy sources" and so we can get off oil, because we are running out and it is bad for the environment. Renewable energy sources are fine, if we had spent the time to find one that is an acceptable alternative to oil and can produce the same output, economically. To date, there is not a technology that is in existence, to my knowledge, that can accomplish this. Solar, wind, water, hybrids, none of them have any of the capacity, right now, to replace oil. So, why all the blistering debate; environment, security, lifestyle? Nope, it is about money, control, and elimination of competition through the government.

Investment activities that focus on companies or projects that are committed to the conservation of natural resources, the production and discovery of alternative energy sources, the implementation of clean air and water projects, and/or other environmentally conscious business practices. In fact, investing in "green" companies can be riskier than other equity strategies, as many companies in this arena are in the development stage, with low revenues and high earnings valuations. [1]
Green tech, as noted above, is a risky and volatile investment right now. Let's get real though, if you have an industry that is growing, the government is backing it up, and you are the government how much risk are you actually taking? But there is a huge problem with this equation and that is Big Oil. Oil companies, if allowed to exploit coal, shale, and offshore drilling would be able to extend the life of petrol products for quite along time. No one would really see a need for renewable energy sources in the near future.

Look at the potential for fossil fuel development just here in the United States alone.

The reserves of oil sands, which are actively being mined in Canada's Alberta Province, are estimated to be 1.8 trillion barrels. Experts estimate that much of this can be produced for $45 per barrel or less. Global reserves of oil shale are estimated at more than 3.3 trillion barrels, with 70 percent in the United States (primarily in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming). [2]
Shell Oil Co. last year announced it has developed a process for extracting the oil from the shale, without mining, at a price of roughly $35 per barrel. The United States also has the world's largest reserves of coal — enough for hundreds of years of production at present levels. Coal also can be turned into liquid petroleum (as the Germans and South Africans proved decades ago). Current estimates of the conversion cost are as low as $35 per barrel. [2]

Really? Proven technology in place, clean, safe, and cheap.

Why not develop it then? All we hear about is the environmental impact, derricks look ugly in the distance, the spotted owl, yadda yadda yadda. Feel good reasons and stupidity which will inevitably undermine the very economic fabric of this nation. This will force us to wait for a sound renewable energy source while remaining dependent on foreign oil and playing hostage to the Middle East and others. Yup, that sounds like a great plan.

If it were only that easy in my own twisted little mind. The only other conclusions I can draw are these. Money in big oil is already tied up with a certain list of players and I would hardly think that it includes any Harry Reid's, Nancy Pelosi's, or Al Gore's. So, they aren't in the club. Watching past fiascoes like Y2K, I think they learned something about panic and how much money it can generate, or maybe they already knew it. Secondly, the oil companies are already entrenched and would create to much competition for green tech/renewable energy. Especially if they were allowed to process coal, shale, and untapped oil. The Left must destroy or severly cripple these corporations through insane government regulations to create a need. If there is a gaping hole and green tech is the only way to fill it, imagine the money. Thirdly, through outrageous scare tactics and clever marketing, they have already created a market in the US and Europe to peddle their pill. At this point it is just a matter of removing the competition. All of this may be the why, but what about the how? Here you go.
Does it seem a bit odd that the current price of oil is more than twice the cost of producing all the oil the world presently needs and will need long into the future? The reason the price is so high is that the supply has been artificially constrained by governments. Most (88 percent) of the conventional oil reserves are owned by governments, and these governments have underinvested in new production. As is well-known, the U.S. government has restricted offshore and onshore drilling, shale development, and coal conversion. [2]

Although, there is one "small" problem and it is the American people. Let's look at a very popular Rasmussen poll taken not to long ago.

Six out of 10 Americans (61%) say Congress should return to Washington immediately to vote on lifting the ban on offshore oil drilling, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. But voters overwhelmingly expect Congress to adjourn this year without taking action. [3]

Seems the polling data might have scared the High Priestess of the Cult of Obamafornia.

On Monday Pelosi reversed course and said she was willing to allow such a vote – in September. [3]

With all of this in mind I am not against the development of renewable energy sources. This, from a free market perspective, is a great thing. A new and potentially profitable market to tap into and it will spur some competition. Not to mention the potential it has for space exploration, medical industries, information technologies, etc. But, as of now, it is not ready for prime-time.


[1] Green Investing
[2] Oil and Oily Politicians
[3] 61% say Congress Should Vote on Offshore Drilling Right Now

P.S. If I am right about the way the Left is going about this, their behavior is criminal and they are using the average American's future as a bargaining tool. On the other hand, I could just be giving them way to much credit for their intelligence and they are as short sighted, cultish, and idiotic as ever. I dunno.
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Biden, Yawn, Big Deal.


Well, all the hoopla and mystery about Obama's V.P. pick is over, as most of you probably know it is Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Okay, it's Biden, now what? This was like watching a well anticipated movie that was supposed to be of Oscar winning caliber and it rated nothing more than a "B" performance. Kind of disappointing.

Biden simply put, is a yawn for the Obama ticket. His fist pumping, progressive, youth filled, change oriented base will get nothing from this. Obviously this was an attempt to bring in all those old school Dems who do not identify with Barry. A Biden veep pick is Obama telling them, “I am safe, you see I am one of you." "It is okay for you to vote for me."But, will Biden's arrival on the scene even accomplish that?

As of now, I do not see Biden's presence really affecting the outcome of this election in anyway, shape, or form. Other than him saying something stupid, which he is well known for doing, he will probably be a non-factor. On the flip side, looking at Biden compared to Obama's other choices; he is a sound and safe pick when you balance him out against weaknesses of the Dem ticket.

But Biden meets the standard for a vice president. [1]

Okay, I will agree with that, but again he is safe, to a point, and that is it. The Obama camp has been so charged with "Change," Biden is a step back. But, Obama has been under blistering attacks from the right about how naive and inexperienced he is. Biden brings that elder Democratic statesman formula into play. This does not quell those attacks, but to a small degree it takes away some of the sting.

Also, you have to think about those hardcore Progressives that make up quite a chunk of Obama's base. They will see Biden as the old guard, not the new socialist movement that is taking over the Democratic Party. I am sure the majority of them will still vote for Obama, but this could potentially generate more tension.

Too much change can be a bad thing, and Biden, unlike other candidates for the number two job, curbs stories about naivete and a lack of depth. [1]

This directly falls in line with Biden's experience as the former chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the current chair of the Senate Foreign Services Committee. Not to mention that Biden has been around Washington since the Nixon era.

Biden, like Gore, is the insider who makes the Obama-Clinton outsider acceptable to fellow insiders. [1]

I could not disagree with this more. Obama has the Democratic side of Washington locked up in Al Gore's lockbox and takes it out when he wants to play. Look at the money this man has generated of the past year. Do you think that is all coming from the public? Uh, no. Obama made his own in-roads into Washington and got well established and liked by the Democratic heavy hitters very rapidly. Biden is a non-factor in this area.

Instead of picking a candidate who helps him in a tactical sense, Obama eschewed political calculations and picked someone viewed as ready to be president. As the media begins to focus on Obama's perceived arrogance and calculating nature, choosing Biden goes against that emerging narrative. [1]

It's all about image and Biden will do nothing for Obama's image. Again, the voters already have formed their opinions on how they view Obama, it's too late. In fact, Biden does not compliment Obama's weak image, he tends to highlight it. Biden, for the most part, represents everythng that Obama wanted to change in Washington but has been unable to. So, instead of moving from this, Obama has embraced it. This is because he is to weak to stand on his own experience and his message has no substance.


[1] Why Biden is the Perfect Pick
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Daily Kos, Part Trois: The Kos Has Gotten Boring?



I figured I would give the Daily Kos a break for awhile. It took a few months to get the ringing of Che and Mao out of my dome, but it went away. Anyways, I went to the KOS braced up and ready to see some hard hitting, analytical, socialist/progressive garbage that would make me want to fight. But, this has been a week of bitter disappointments and my visit to the Daily Kos was no different. Let's take a look.

This article hits on the McCain "dilemma" of multiple house ownership, it is called LOLHousez . At first I thought the Kos editing crew had taken the day off and this one was slipped in by a budding Kossack. But, no, they were passing it off as information worthy. It was posted and sort of written by Kagro-X. Someone with that name you should be afraid of. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! Let's take a look at some of the stuff they are tyring to pass of as intelligent life.

And tomorrow morning, Obama should put out another ad slamming McCain on the "hired help" he's got to go with his seven houses. [1]

Let's see if we can push Grandpa right over the edge, shall we?

Slam him on hired help? Huh? Uuuh, maybe I missed the memo, but is it illegal to employ people in America today? How is this going to help anyone but McCain? It will show how desperate and shallow the Obama camp has become. Lol, kids these days. As far as the edge, the only edge they will be driving McCain to is boredom.

Actually, right now it's his staff and the rest of the "right" freaking out. McCain himself hasn't said anything about it, hashe? [1]
Rest of the right freaking out? Huh? I think I missed that memo, too. These boys are really digging to find something aren't they?

But if we keep hammering it properly, he will. The old man'll lose his shit if we play it right. [1]
Wow, eloquent and cunning, aren't they?

Whew, the only thing I heard in my head this time were the chirping of some socialist crickets. I won't even need therapy, I will need some No-Doz so I don't fall asleep. Funny part is with all the jokes about McCain napping, he really could take a nap and still win the general election if this is the best the Left has to offer.


P.S. As always, much love to my little, boring, socialists bros at the KOS. Come on guys ramp it up, if you need any help just email me and we can talk about some Rovian tactics.

[1] LOLHousez
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NATO: A Roaring Mouse


With the post on the 18th, Russia pushes and US is starting to push back. , I sure am glad I put in about the Euros cow towing to tyrannical lunatics. Unfortunately for me, my hopes were dashed upon the rocks. I figured the Europeans would gather some strength from US support against the despots in Moscow, well I was wrong. Again, this is going to be singularly up to the United States, with the Euros shouting insults at the Reds from behind us.

I don't think the Russians are to worried about the, "No, business as usual." NATO and the Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer issued. Here is the Russian ambassador to the UN, Dmitry Rogozin's response.
"The mountain gave birth to a mouse." [1]
Here is where the Euros fail miserably.
Although the allies said they would not convene any more meetings of the NATO-Russia Council until Russian troops withdraw from Georgia, they bowed to concerns from Europe — which depends heavily on Russia for energy — and stopped short of adopting specific long-term steps to punish Moscow for its actions. [1]
Fortunately, the news is not all bad. There are some doors that are still open for Georgia, NATO, and the United States.
In a small victory for the United States, NATO foreign ministers did agree to show support for Georgia's pro-Western government by creating a NATO-Georgia Commission to oversee the former Soviet republic's bid to join the alliance and begin providing military training to its army. [1]
There is still vehement US support for Georgia's entrance into NATO.
Rice maintained the alliance had rallied firmly behind Georgia by agreeing to stick to a December timeline to reconsider the country's NATO membership and by deciding to send specific technical assistance to assess damage and help reconstruct critical infrastructure like power networks, airports and hospitals. [1]
Most pro-isolationists and apologists in America will cry foul and say that this is attempt by the government to further isolate Moscow and antagonize them. What they fail to see is the timeline of Russian aggression that brought about the decision to propose Georgia's entrance into NATO. This is not something that the Russians just woke up and decided to do, it has been planned by the Kremlin for awhile.

Unfortunately, Georgian entrance into NATO has potential holes in it. Besides inevitable eroding European support, there is the possibility of an Obama Presidency with a Democratic controlled Congress. I really do not think I have to elaborate on that outcome.


[1] NATO: Penalty Against Russia
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The Cult of Obamafornia


Seems that the Cult of Obamania is running strong in the motherland of Obamafornia. The high priestess herself, Nancy Pelosi, had this to say about the messiah, "a leader that God has blessed us with at this time." (Methinks Pelosi's botox injections have gone to her brain) If that isn't scary enough, I think the One is believing his own hype. Check out this list of comedy that would make even the most narcassitic of us think he is a little wrapped up in himself.

“I will win. Don’t worry about that,” he said to the crowd of about 1,300 at his third event of the evening, according to the pool report. [1]
“They’ve got a whole machinery that they’re cranking out,” Obama continued. “They’ve got a book about me, that just kind of sprung full bore out of this guy’s head.” [1]
Who is this "guy" and what is this "book.?"

"John McCain, all he wants to do is talk about me. They know they can’t win on the issues. So what they’ll do is they’ll try to scare people. He’s risky. He’s risky. We’re not sure." [1]

Do their delusions have any limit? First, of course John McCain is talking about him, not to the length that the narcassicst would have you believe, but he is talking about him. Besides, why wouldn't he? Maybe someone should let the One know that he is in a race for the Presidency, it isn't his birth right.

If the Republicans are playing off of the fear of the unknown, then I would readily accuse the Democrats of playing off of the bitterness that people have developed. The only problem is they are directly responsible for many of the crisis we are presently facing, as well as the Republicans, and now are blocking initiatives, because of political motivation, that will solve some of them.

Now I realize this was a fund raiser, but the messianic attitude this hard core socialist/progressive base has towards Obama is down right frightening. What is even more disturbing is his mind-set towards his campaign and himself. His supporters need to wake up to reality about the Senator and I think he needs to do the same.


[1] Obama: 'I will win'
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Russia pushes and US is starting to push back.


Poland has now ratified the missile defense shield with the US, NATO is having a nice little get together to discuss what to do about the Rooskies, and Condi is getting ready to go on the warpath. Seems, the pieces on the chessboard are being positioned by NATO (the United States) to push their agenda through despite Russian overt aggression in the Caucus region. If this plays out like I think it will Russia has made a very grievous strategic error, not only has it not accomplished their goal of isolating the Caucasus, but it has caused the NATO agenda to speed up and gain more international support than ever before. The idea of a Balkan or Caucus state becoming a member of NATO would probably have been treated by most people as a novelty or a quaint sign of a changing world. Now that is not the case, the limited or full membership of these nations into NATO has moved to the forefront of the geo-political scene and is on the mind of most people around the world. The attitude displayed by Condi Rice is somewhat surprising and antagonistic. Quite a breath of fresh air, actually.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday that Russia is playing a "very dangerous game" with the U.S. and its allies and warned that NATO would not allow Moscow to win in Georgia, destabilize Europe or draw a new IronCurtain through it. [1]

I really liked this one.

This "is a very dangerous game and perhaps one the Russians want to reconsider," Rice said of the flights that began again with frequency about six months ago. "This is not something that is just cost-free. Nobody needs Russian strategic aviation along America's coast." [1]
Remember, all this tough talk is coming from the American Secretary of State, not from the other members of NATO. Despite what my theory on the outcome might be, there is always the Western Europe factor of sucking up to a tyrannical government to consider. The chips can still fall for Russia if NATO chooses to take a lame or weak stance.
At Tuesday's meeting, the NATO ministers will consider a range of upcoming activities planned with Russia—from military exercises to ministerial meetings—and decide case-by-case at the meeting Tuesday whether to go ahead or cancel each. [1] President Medvedev, of the Federation had this to say to "foreign powers."
President Medvedev of Russia yesterday promised a “shattering blow” against any foreign power that moved against Russian citizens. [2]
Now, there is the Russia I remember; a total lack of cognizance, ignominious, and childishly imprudent.
The threat will compound the fears of former Soviet states, which are concerned that they could be next after Russia’s attack on Georgia. [2]
This analysis is only half right, the fear of looming Russian attack will be there. But, where the small Caucus and Baltic nations run for protection and support is a whole other point of contention. Even money would bet on NATO and the States, especially if NATO allows some sort of interim membership for the fledgling democracies and provides military assistance to these regions. Granted, the US and NATO failed Georgia miserably, but so far, they are stepping up to the plate to correct the situation and drawing a line in the sand with the Russians. The meeting on Tuesday will more than likely be a window into how NATO will be dealing with the Russians in the future.


[1]NATO won't let Russia succeed in Georgia: Rice
[2]Cross us and we will crush you, warns Medvedev
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Ghost Recon Predicted Russo-Georgian Conflict?



With all the tensions and stress in the Caucas region, I found a little something ironic and slightly humorous. If you have ever played Tom Clancy's, Ghost Recon, then you might be slightly versed on the geography of the conflict. This is why.

The South Ossetia war, which began on August 7, bears a close resemblance to events portrayed in the 2001 Xbox and Playstation 2 game "Tom Clancy's GhostRecon," the first level of which takes place against the backdrop of a struggle between Georgian rebel forces and the legitimate Georgian government in the South Ossetian region. [1]
Talk about life imitating art, or in this case gaming. Or maybe Tom Clancy is a mad genius who is clairvoyant. This is even spookier, notice the timeline.
Ghost Recon's plot follows these skirmishes with a full-scale Russian invasion of the region, a subsequent evacuation of US forces, and ultimately the fall of the Georgian government. Ghost Recon almost got the timescale right, too: the game's imaginary events begin in April 2008, just a few months before the real war kicked off. [1]
But fear not, everyone will participate in this victory over tyranny and aggression, even a teenager with a joypad.
If Ghost Recon's uncanny trend continues, we can expect the South Ossetia conflict to culminate in a dramatic assault on Red Square and the Kremlin by NATO troops -- spearheaded by an elite US special forces team under the control of a pimply fourteen-year-old with a joy pad. [1]
Hopefully, Tom Clancy just got lucky, cause I don't even want to think about any of his other games playing out for real. Gotta love it!!


[1]Georgia-Russia conflict predicted in 2001 video game
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Russian Farce and U.S. Inaction


The urgency with which the United States needs to intervene in the Caucus region is becoming paramount. Russia's actions are definitely earning them a place on the terror list in the GWOT (Global War on Terror).

This does not admonish the Georgians from there impetuous jump at South Ossetia, nor their miscalculation for NATO and U.S. support. But, the core issue is not their grievous errors, no matter what they would have done or how they would have handled it Russia is and was hell bent on destroying the small democracy. The real problem is how Russia engaged the problem of a potential EU, US, and NATO presence in the area and how they are continuing to carry out this policy.

This is more of a war against the West and its perceived interference in the area, another "proxy war" if you want to call it that. Georgia is the victim since it was the player that has opened the door to Amero/Euro influence in the area. The Russians have felt boxed in and I am sure some of our local apologists will blame the big bad imperialists here in the States for attempting to spread organic democracy to a people who welcomed it with open arms. Here is a timeline of the conflict provided by the Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs blog, via the Jawa Report. Of course this is slanted towards the Georgians, but it does show, along with other sources, the regime change that Russia seems to be seeking.

Monday, August 11 - 20:20 Tbilisi, Georgia

At this hour, the invading army of the Russian Federation has entered Georgian territory outside the conflict zones of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The Georgian army is retreating to defend the capital. The Government is urgently seeking international intervention to prevent the fall of Georgia and the further loss of life. "
We no longer know the limits of the invading Russian army—Russia seems intent on overthrowing the democratically elected government of Georgia and occupying the country," said Alexander Lomaia, the Secretary of the National Security Council. "As a consequence, the National Security Council has just decided to bring the Georgian army to Tbilisi in order to defend the capital and prevent the fall of Georgia." [1]

Although there was no obvious Russian buildup on the border to think that they were not intent on getting ready to invade if given the chance is naive. Even US defense officials were surprised by the magnitude and speed of the Russian offensive.
"We were tracking it earlier in that week and we knew that things were escalating," said a military official, who asked not to be identified. "I can tell you it moved quicker than we anticipated that first day." [2]
The Russians handled this very cleverly as can be seen by this. Timeline is mid-July.

At around the same time, the Russian military deployed 8,000 troops to the North Caucases for counter-terrorism exercises that Moscow said were unrelated to the tensions with its southern neighbor. [2]
But of course all of this was just the tip of the spear of a peace keeping mission, not full on aggression against Georgia with the intent of destroying the small democracy. Then why this?

The US defense official said about 8,000 to 10,000 Russian troops have moved into South Ossetia. They also have flown SU-25, SU-24, SU-27 and TU-22 fighters and bombers during the campaign. [2]

We are talking about Russian strategic bombers and fighters, 500 tanks and artie pieces, and a division or two of ground troops. I don't every remember a "peace keeping force" needing that kind of fire power.

Tbilisi had realized they had made a strategic error and were not going to win this one, so they did what was asked of them they mediated a cease fire.

Following the weekend hostilities, the Government made a new push for peace in both South Ossetia and Abkhazia regions.“We need direct talks with the separatists to help put an end to this escalation,” said Reintegration Minister Temur Yakobashvili. [1]


Even as Saakashvili signed a cease-fire pledge Monday with European mediators, Russia flexed its military muscle and appeared determined to subdue the small U.S. ally, which has been pressing for NATO membership. [3]

Here is the Russian response to the cease-fire initiative.

Russia's massive and multi-pronged offensive has drawn wide criticism from the West, but Russia has rejected calls for a cease-fire and said it was acted to protect its citizens. Most residents of the separatist regions have Russian passports. [3]

The more you explore this the more you realize that Georgia provoked this by allowing themselves to be baited by the Russians, who were preparing for this all along. But the Russian reasons for carrying on this invasion is a complete farce and it does not take a diplomat or a military expert to realize this. No matter what got us here it was inevitable and there must be a massive show of military force by the US. We are partially responsible for this situation by our unapologetic support of Georgia and helped speed up this war. Not that our support of Georgia was wrong. But, if we do not react, this will show the other democracies in the area that ties with the US will not be tolerated and that we have no real commitment to them, just lip service. Also, it will empower the Russians to make more strategic and tactical moves against its neighboors and the West.

It is imperative that we send a military presence to the area under the guise of humanitarian relief. We do not need to engage the Russians, just let them know we are there for Georgia and their incursion and tyranny will not be tolerated. The "Evil Empire" is raising its ugly head once again and it might be time for us to cut it off once and for all.


[1] Ministry of Foreign Affairs Georgia
[2] US military surprised by speed, timing of Russia military action
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Georgia Just Woke Up A Sleeping Bear


War, it seems, has erupted in the small country of Georgia against its much larger and very angry neighbor, Russia. This small former Russian territory could be in a fight for its very life. Georgia, if you don't remember was the first territory to break away from the former Soviet Union on April 19th, 1991. This conflict is nothing new and the same players were involved as far back as 1995.

In 1995, Shevardnadze was officially elected as a president of Georgia. At the same time, two regions of Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, quickly became embroiled in disputes with local separatists that led to widespread inter-ethnic violence and wars. Supported by Russia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia achieved de facto independence from Georgia. More than 250,000 Georgians were ethnically cleansed from Abkhazia by Abkhaz separatists and North Caucasians volunteers (including Chechens) in 1992-1993. [1]
Mikheil Saakashvili, the President of Georgia, is a staunch ally of the West and especially the United States. He was pressing for his tiny country to be entered into NATO, but this was blocked by Berlin, more than likely due to fears of Russian reprisals and anger. Georgia also has about 2,000 troops in Iraq, the third largest contingent of forces behind Britain and the U.S.

Georgia's President Mikhail Saakashvili has a different agenda - he won election in 2004 on promise to recover the breakaway territories (i.e. South Ossetia and Abkhazia), and to join NATO. [2]

Mr. Saakashvili made good on his campaign promise and on Friday launched a full scale military operation, taking control of the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinvali. Although, successful, the celebration did not last very long.
GORI, Georgia — The conflict between Russia and the former Soviet republic of Georgia moved toward full-scale war on Saturday, as Russia sent warships to land ground troops in the disputed territory of Abkhazia and broadened its bombing campaign across Georgia.[3]
The Georgian government has been antagonized by the Russians for years now and finally took the bait hook line and sinker. In response to this "open rebellion" Russia has taken a few steps to position themselves for military action against Georgia. The Russians have had a long standing economic embargo against the Georgians for years, a military presence in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, provided financial assistance to the secessionist states, and given Russian passports to their citizens. Strategically the Russians have felt compelled to react to the threat of western encirclement. If Georgia would have been allowed to strengthen its ties with the West by becoming a member of NATO it would have been Serbia all over again. The Russians were clever, in their own fashion, for setting up legitimate reasons for this invasion.

Russia's initial response was to convene an emergency session of the U.N. Security Council, hoping to pass a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire between Georgia and South Ossetia. But the Russian draft resolution was contentious. The United State and others objected to language that appeared to exempt Russia from condemnation over the use of force. [2]

and this, remember the passports?

The Security Council failed to agree on a resolution, and the following day, as Russian media began to report casualties among Russian troops and citizens in South Ossetia, a stern-faced President Dmitri Medvedev appeared on prime-time television to make a chilling call to arms: "I am obligated to defend the life and honor of Russian citizens, wherever they may be," he said. "We will not let those responsible for the death of our people go unpunished." [2]
Let's not forget that the poor ole' Russian bear is simply doing what it has always done, protect innocent people from atrocities.

In a news conference, Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov of Russia said Georgian attacks on what he called “Russian citizens” in South Ossetia “amounted to ethnic cleansing.” [3]
Tibisli, the capital of Georgia, made a grievous error by over estimating the support they would receive from the U.S. and other Western allies. I think it has made them feel empowered to move against Russian aggression and take matters into their own hands. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your perspective, the West is not going to risk open warfare with Russia. Although, a portion of what they used to be the Russians still command fierce military, economic, and political clout in the region. The Euro's are constantly trying to pander to Russia due to fears from the past and the United States does not want to openly upset the balance of "Russian Democracy" with a military conflict. Plus, there is Iraq and Afghanistan to think about.

From the Russian point of view there are many other reasons to press an attack on Georgia.

Georgia is a transit country for oil and natural gas exports from the former Soviet Union that threatens Russia’s near monopoly. [3]

"They need control of energy routes,” Mr. Saakashvili said. “They need sea ports. They need transportation infrastructure. And primarily, they want to get rid of us. ” [3]

The Russians may be belligerent, swaggering, arrogant bullies who move as stealthily as an 18 wheeler, but, no one can accuse them of being stupid. They set the trap, guided Georgia to it, and then sprang it when Georgia blinked. With the potential problems facing the United States in Iraq, Afghanistan, and possibly Iran, I would think that military intervention in Georgia is almost a nil possibility. Since diplomatic resolutions with Russia are about as effective as trying to make a tree walk. The only things the West can possibly do is provide military aid to Georgia, strategic and tactical information on Russian movements, and "MAYBE" some SPEC WAR intervention. Even these possibilities are a stretch, at best.

Hopefully this conflict will be resolved without any more bloodshed, but, I think it is safe to say that the Russian bear is back and growling. The eagle needs to realize this and start preparing a little better for the upcoming years, an old enemy has just resurfaced and we have a lot of new ones to keep him company.

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