A brief history of PCT:

Politics and Critical Thinking was originally formed under the auspice of injecting some  right-sided commentary on today's latest headlines and information as well as some esoteric and fun facts about the world in which we all live.

After this Politics and Critical Thinking was shut down in order to follow other more rewarding pursuits which have presently run their course. Now...its doors have reopened with vigor and zeal. 

What we promise-

Our efforts in presenting online content will be done to the best of our ability; data-driven, from a myriad of reliable sources, sometimes philosophical, and above all, rise above the fray of rabidity of zealots and ideologues who are trapped and cornered by their own ideological positions. However, it should be noted that we do write from a Traditionalist, Conservative, Libertarian perspective, but our positions are not immutable in the face of overwhelming facts. Our authors do reserve the right for our thinking to evolve and opinions to change from time to time. This means, we DO NOT follow modern Rightist orthodoxy formulated by Conservative Inc. and will diverge from that frame as much as is necessary. Not to be mistaken for moderates or Leftist sympathizers wrapped in a veil of Right leaning thought. 

You may agree or disagree with the content presented here by PCT's two authors/editors, but please keep this in mind. Your agreement or disagreement is neither expected nor required for participation on the website. Simply have fun and take away what you will from our exercise of the mind...we are not here to tell you how it is, or what you should think. We are here to tell you how we see it is and what we think. 

Enjoy and Happy Hunting!



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