Paulinites Highjacking the GOP?

Rasmussen reported that the number of people who consider themselves Republicans has increased two percentage points in December to 34.2%
.[1] An interesting phenomena, considering the hits the party has taken over the past few years. Now the Republicans, for the most part, had a great year in 2007. Victory against SCHIP, the Surge, confidence in Republicans to carry out the G.W.O.T more effectively, etc. All plausible reasons for people to return to identifying themselves with the GOP once again.

I offer another possible scenario. One that is straight out of the universe of the man that I am about to point at. Ron Paul. Yup, you read it right, Ron Paul. This is not to say that his message has resonated with so many people that they are coming home to the GOP. Just the opposite in fact. Paul is pulling support from more than just Republicans who feel disenfranchised or far right wingers. There is the whole Green movement, anti war Dems who feel let down by Hillary and the rest of the gang, conspiracy theorists, Truthers, and the rest of the Bubbas getting ready to fall off the grid.

Yup, I know straight out of conspiracy corner itself. But, how else could these folks get their boy into office if he is running under the Republican banner and they aren't registered Repubs? Simple, switch party affiliation. It would be the only possible way Paul could hope to have a shot at surviving the primaries.

Now I realize this Rasmussen poll probably does not measure the amount of increase in the registering of new Republicans. Rasmussen's polling data is more indicative of who identifies themselves with the party. Does this theory tie in with the Rasmussen poll? I do not know. The true test would be the new registration data on a national level.

Only one little spot of minor proof for my ridiculous theory. This is a small excerpt taken from the DailyPaul, back in May of 2007.

As you may realize, there are many people from across the spectrum planning to support Ron Paul: Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Green Party members, disenfranchised Democrats, and of course the disenfranchised Republicans.

Many of these people may not realize that they NEED to change party affiliations to Republican to vote in the GOP Primary in many States.

All this shows is that the thought was on their mind. As I have already stated, I have no proof that they have actually been engaged in this action.

This may just be pessimistic thinking on my part, more than likely it is the banner year that the Republican party is having. After so many let downs over the past two or three years it is hard to believe they might be making a comeback. But, if there is a shred of truth to this, the GOP and the primaries would have been highjacked and that is some seriously criminal behavior.


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