Jindal lied about helping Harry Lee? Video evidence says different...

Bobby Jindal lied about his interaction with Sheriff Harry Lee during Katrina? How could he, the horror! Well that is what TPMnutcraker wants you to believe. Seems a couple of blogs might have cracked their nuts on this one, though.

From Talking Points Memo, and written by Zach Roth.

Jindal Admits Katrina Story Was False

TPMmuckraker-Looks like the game is up.

Remember that story Bobby Jindal told in his big speech Tuesday night -- about how during Katrina, he stood shoulder-to-shoulder with a local sheriff who was battling government red tape to try to rescue stranded victims?

Turns out it wasn't actually, you know, true.

Well, Jim Treacher and Flopping Aces have a little bit different story.

The large Asian gentleman with the semi-flat top? That is Harry Lee, you know the Sheriff that Jindal supposedly fabricated the story about? Being an indigenous native of Nawlins', I think I know the late Sheriff when I see him.

Oh, and one other thing. Zach Roth and the staff at TPM are now the proud members of the

Cred to Jim for finding this and Flopping Aces for being preemptive in making the video available.


Just came across this one, too.

TPM is gonna need more than a rake to dig their way out of this one.


MickeyWhite said...

Jindal voted Poorly...

RightKlik said...

Thanks for exposing this. Dems will just make things up. Shows how desperate they are to find dirt on Jindal. Also shows how seriously they take him. They wouldn't waste time attacking him if they didn't realize he was a threat.

OmegaPundit said...

Breaking Reagan's cherished 11th commandment. Mickey, WTF does Jindal's casting 10 or so votes that you didn't like have to do with the media's inequities, hypocrisy, lack of principles, or false reporting of him?

Just making sure I am not missing something. Due to being dropped on my head as a child I am a bit slow at times.

GI Jane said...

Mickey, you are entitled to your opinion as it is the American way (at least for now). I challenge you to one question. When is the last time that you heard any politician who played a role, no matter how SMALL of a role, take responsibility for the current condition of our country by admitting to it on prime time national television? I really don’t think you watched the Republican response and if I am wrong you clearly did not listen to the entire message.

I did my homework and checked out the site. While I do support some of what Palin stands for, I will not let that support create a fog around my brain by creating attacks on a highly educated, experienced (Katrina recovery, Congress) person who has the guts to stand up for what he believes and put the true interest of the people first. Your attack on Jindal is not warranted. If I had to choose between Palin and Jindal, it would be Jindal all the way to the top!

Now, on to the actual article ……..
Yes, Jindal was right in the mix of things with Katrina. The only liars are those that accused Jindal of not being there. What levels people stoop too just to have chaos. My late father told me many years ago that some people just can’t function without chaos. Some need chaos to avoid looking into their own lives.

Critical Thinker said...

Well said, Jane.


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