In 2014 the "War on Women" was a Fluke...a Sandra Fluke

Historically speaking, minority participation in mid-terms is usually low. This fact is usually troubling for Democratic operatives who now, like in mid-terms past, have opted to target the female demographic, in order to make-up the lost share of votes that are otherwise cast by racial minorities.

So...if you are targeting women then it only seems reasonable that you would dig into your political bag of tricks and bring out an oldie but a goodie, the perpetual Republican "war on women."

Beyond using the ass-beating Democrats took in the mid-term as a metric for success, there is a far more humorous and snide way of determining whether or not this "strategy" was effective.

Enter...the Condom Fairy Princess, Sandra Fluke.

Mzzz. Fluke gained a certain bit of notoriety in early 2012 by testifying in front of the Democratic members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the "importance of requiring insurance plans to cover birth control."  Fluke was then repudiated by Conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, as a "slut" and a "prostitute." Needless to say this catapulted Mzzz. Fluke to upper echelons of Liberal hierarchy and sympathy; even garnering her a shot at California state Senate seat this past election cycle.

Well...Mzzz. Fluke lost that contest to a fellow Democrat and a man!! And lost it quite handedly I might add.
Fluke lost to fellow Democrat Ben Allen, a Santa Monica-Malibu school board member, by over 21 points.
Subsequently, it seems that the "war on women" adage isn't even resonating with hard core liberals of the California variety. But on a brighter note, maybe with this defeat it might be the last we see of Mzzz. Fluke. Well maybe until Liberals want to recycle identity politics of Christmas past and dust Mzzz. Fluke off for the next go-round.



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