Mary Landrieu is Done in Louisiana

Louisiana's most recent family political dynasty is likely fractured and weakened forever. The Democrat Senator, Mary Landrieu, is facing a certain humiliating defeat as voters ready to oust her in just a few days in favor of Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy.

The number of people who cast their ballots early for  Dec. 6 runoff election were decidedly registered Republican voters. Everyone else, it appears, that is, dyed in the wool Democrats, are staying home.
About 85,900 registered Republicans took advantage of early voting for the Dec. 6 runoff, which was held during the week leading up Thanksgiving, as well as Saturday. That’s almost 3,000 more than the number of people who voted early for the Nov. 4 election, and it amounts to a 4 percent bump in early voting overall from a month ago.
Senator Landrieu tried it all.  She tried to the victim-racism bit the failed. She tried flexing her bona fides in making a last ditch effort to deliver on the Keystone Pipeline. That failed. She reminded voters she voted with Obama 97 percent of the time. That failed like a lead ballon. She tried to distance herself from Obama and even her own party. That smelled of disingenuous pandering. The Louisiana Democrat machine is even encouraging Democrat voters to commit voter fraud-- by voting often. Even reminding them that there is no chance they'll be prosecuted for voting more than once. 

That will fail too. PCT will call this 59ish to 41ish, in favor of Cassidy. 



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