Things that matter: Pearl Harbor Remembered 73 Years Later.

In today's things that matter we will keep it simple, just remembering those whose lives were taken at Pearl Harbor. An attack which launched us into World War II and down our present course of history. 
Under clear blue skies, 15 survivors of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor gathered at the National World War II Memorial to see their service of 73 years ago recognized. 
"As the years stretch, the stories of every sailor, soldier, Marine, airman, nurse or citizen who was at Pearl Harbor grow more precious, and we use this anniversary to retell them," U.S. Navy Adm. Michelle Howard, vice chief of Naval Operations, told the 400 people gathered at the hallowed ground between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. "We understand that the collective toughness of the American people, our survival, and the eventual success of this country, is due to them."



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