California's real drought....common sense.

After a considerable hiatus brought on by personal commitments that could not be left unattended, I am happy to report PCT is back online.  Our first episode will be an analysis provided by Joel Kotkin on the present California drought and how it might have been avoided, or at the least, alleviated through preparation. Preparation which was dissuaded by the political outlook of the Golden State's Leftist hegemony. To whit the Golden State is no longer so golden....and that is a very unfortunate situation for everyone.

California has met the future, and it really doesn't work. As the mounting panic surrounding the drought suggests, the Golden State, once renowned for meeting human and geographic challenges, is losing its ability to cope with crises. As a result, the great American land of opportunity is devolving into something that resembles feudalism, a society dominated by rich and poor, with little opportunity for upward mobility for the state’s middle- and working classes. 
The water situation reflects this breakdown in the starkest way. Everyone who follows California knew it was inevitable we would suffer a long-term drought. Most of the state—including the Bay Area as well as greater Los Angeles—is semi-arid, and could barely support more than a tiny fraction of its current population. California’s response to aridity has always been primarily an engineering one that followed the old Roman model of siphoning water from the high country to service cities and farms. [...]




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