Daily Kos, Part Trois: The Kos Has Gotten Boring?


I figured I would give the Daily Kos a break for awhile. It took a few months to get the ringing of Che and Mao out of my dome, but it went away. Anyways, I went to the KOS braced up and ready to see some hard hitting, analytical, socialist/progressive garbage that would make me want to fight. But, this has been a week of bitter disappointments and my visit to the Daily Kos was no different. Let's take a look.

This article hits on the McCain "dilemma" of multiple house ownership, it is called LOLHousez . At first I thought the Kos editing crew had taken the day off and this one was slipped in by a budding Kossack. But, no, they were passing it off as information worthy. It was posted and sort of written by Kagro-X. Someone with that name you should be afraid of. MUAHAHAHAHA!!!! Let's take a look at some of the stuff they are tyring to pass of as intelligent life.

And tomorrow morning, Obama should put out another ad slamming McCain on the "hired help" he's got to go with his seven houses. [1]

Let's see if we can push Grandpa right over the edge, shall we?

Slam him on hired help? Huh? Uuuh, maybe I missed the memo, but is it illegal to employ people in America today? How is this going to help anyone but McCain? It will show how desperate and shallow the Obama camp has become. Lol, kids these days. As far as the edge, the only edge they will be driving McCain to is boredom.

Actually, right now it's his staff and the rest of the "right" freaking out. McCain himself hasn't said anything about it, hashe? [1]
Rest of the right freaking out? Huh? I think I missed that memo, too. These boys are really digging to find something aren't they?

But if we keep hammering it properly, he will. The old man'll lose his shit if we play it right. [1]
Wow, eloquent and cunning, aren't they?

Whew, the only thing I heard in my head this time were the chirping of some socialist crickets. I won't even need therapy, I will need some No-Doz so I don't fall asleep. Funny part is with all the jokes about McCain napping, he really could take a nap and still win the general election if this is the best the Left has to offer.


P.S. As always, much love to my little, boring, socialists bros at the KOS. Come on guys ramp it up, if you need any help just email me and we can talk about some Rovian tactics.

[1] LOLHousez


ex-pat said...

I am convinced that Obama supporters at Kos are actually not interested in winning against McCain. They were only interested in killing Hillary Clinton. When they cannot reach into their vocab toolbox and bring out the C word or the B word or a pitchfork, they are left lost and confused.

Critical Thinker said...


That is a great point and probably correct. You look back at how fired up they were against Hillary and then look at McCain and it is a totally different ball game. It is almost weak. Thanks for stopping by, your commentary is always welcomed.



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