Daily Kos, A Walk Down Socialist Lane, Part Deux!!


On the second run to the Kos, I was prepared. I had an army of psychotherapists in the wing and a vat of turpentine to get the socialist/activist sludge off me. Well, the Kossacks did not waste anytime and went from 0 to stupid in under 3.5 seconds. I was actually amazed. Here is the opening to the post by one of the Kos writers.

There's no "deep fractures" in the Democratic party, not like there are in the Republican party, or the way there were in the Democratic party of the 1980's. There are, however, increasingly strong feelings felt by many people who are deeply impressed by Barack Obama, and who are also upset with the campaign run by Hillary Clinton. [1]

Hmm, I would like to see these deep fractures in the Republican party. The primaries for Republicans were actually quiet and what I would consider boring. It got so bad for the MSM that they had to call an attack by one candidate on another's politics "dirty." Kossacks, you can repeat it and repeat it, right now the Democratic party is broken into factions and divided against itself. You can thank Hillary and Hussein for that one. I have said it and true pundits have said it, if the Dems lose the general election it will be because of two reasons; the infighting with in the party and Hussein's very questionable past. The very prediction made about ardent Conservatives not voting for McCain in protest will probably be coming true with Hillary supporters. That is quite a large chunk of the Dems valuable voting block.

African-Americans are at the core of our coalition, and many see the actions of the Clinton campaign—through surrogates like Geraldine Ferraro and even, prior to the South Carolina primary, Bill Clinton himself—as disrespectful or worse toward African-Americans. [1]

Interesting, the Kos is peeing in the corners of the Democratic party for the Black community like a territorial hound. Keep it up, you are going to force the Latino voter right over to the Conservative side, last time I checked they were the fastest growing demographic within the Dem party. That's okay you can rub their noses in it and then apologize later, right? Come on people, I thought you were getting it.

Now on to the posters!!!

If it were not for the media, Hillary would already be out of this race. As Robert Reich told CNN's Wolf Blitzer...the media has been a bunch of "enablers." [1]

What a liberal accusing the media of biased? I thought that was just a right wing pipe dream. Well maybe not. If you did not know it you would swear this was torn right off the page of a Conservative blog. I think it is hilarious.

These three answered a long burning question I had. I have always felt there was underlying fear and loathing of the Clintons with in the rank and file of the Liberals. I figured due to the political clout that the Clintons held no one was willing to speak about in open and here it is. Now that there is nothing to fear and the Boy in the Bubble, aka Hussein, is their one way ticket to freedom. They speak up.

look...I am an independent leaning left...I have no love lost for the Clintons, since I still remember too well the farce that was the last two years
of that presidency...in fact those two years are the reason I came an independent, and I believe were the reason Gore lost in 2000

I Held My Nose...and pulled the lever twice for Bill Clinton and what I remember about the 90's is having to defend myself with every bimbo eruption and shady deal that came to light. I'm tired, I'm getting old, I want to do this right this time. [1]

As a New Yorker, I have voted for Hillary and literally (true) did hold my nose when I pulled the lever. But since I wanted a Dem controlled Senate ... I took a shower as soon as I got home. [1]

This Bubba is starting to get it. There is always one or two that keep me coming back in hopes of finding intelligent life down here.

African-Americans can't carry the day if you can't win enough of the white vote to begin with, Carter squeaked by with 47% of the white vote. If Obama wins 40% of the white vote or less, every black vote in the country can't win it for him.
To build a real effective majority, we need black votes and white votes.

Well, I was hoping our little Kossacks were trying to develop a plan, but all I saw was Hillary obsession, a lot of confusion, and a big blame game. For people who are supposed to be enlightened and understand how the world works, they are not very strategic. I would not be to worried about Hillary right now I would be focusing on McCain. The Dems could make up lost ground quickly, it would start exposing McCain's weaknesses early, and it would turn Hillary into a non-entity, much like what happened to Ron Paul. If you ignore her she will go away eventually.

As far as Barrack, he is in his element and he is protected by the Democratic establishment. You could say he is a big fish in a little pond. But the general election is an ocean and there are alot of predators in it. The Boy in the Bubble tactic is going to pop if they are not careful. McCain has already been on the receiving end of the slime machine from Rove in 2000, he is much more seasoned than either of the Democratic candidates. Also, guess who is consulting for the McCain camp? Yup, Mr. Rove, the one and only. Do you think he is afraid to have Hussein running against McCain? I wouldn't, I would be salivating over the possibility of him or Hillary. They are tailor made for defeat and the whining politics is a sure way to lose the White House come Novemeber.

That is it for Part Deux of Socialist Lane, stay tuned for Part Trois. Thanks again to my Comrades at the Kos for their enlightening take on the world of Democratic politics and socialist views. We still love you!!!!


[1] Which Stage of Grieving is This?


Americaneocon said...

C.T.: These guys are scary!! Not only socialist, but anti-Semitic in the most evil way!


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