That's a Wrap! Shutting Down.

It has been a fun run here at PCT, but this is the last post. Due to other commitments, life, and a new bloggin' job I am officially shutting down Politics and Critical Thinking.

Thanks for following for the past year and a half and if one person has gotten anything out of this then what I set out to do is complete. I have learned as much from commenters as they have hopefully learned here. It has been a wonderful exchange of ideas.

I will continue blogging over at the Western Experience with my partner in crime Jason. If you like what you have read here please come and stop by. Our goal at the Western Experience is to bring conservative bloggin' above the fray of populist rhetoric and dig into the thoughts and theories behind modern day government, politics, economics, foreign policy, and society. I promise you won't be disappointed.

I am not going to delete the site since I have reference material that I like to still use. Please feel free to explore and I hope you find something useful.

Thanks for everything and happy hunting!



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