Semtex, Go Boom!! So, You Might Want to Find it!


Over at Bob McCarty Writes, a disturbing story was brought to our attention. It seems that the BBC broke a story which, to my knowledge, has not even been reported here in the States. It involved the theft of 61lbs of Semtex and detonators. The article is titled, "French search for stolen Semtex," and is featured on the BBC website.

Semtex according to the report was created in Czech Republic and was used in mining and demolition operations. It is also odorless, difficult to detect, and is a favorite of terrorist groups. If Semtex sounds familiar to you might recall it was used to bring down Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. Terrorists only used about a half of a kilogram, or 1.1 lbs., in that attack.




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