GOP's Last Man Pandering

In an article written by the notorious Prince of Darkness, Robert Novak, he states that Jon McCain is poised to win the Republican nomination in the primaries. He states that McCain is viewed by "canny Republican professionals" to be the best bet to beat the Democratic nominee in the general election.

Sen. John McCain, given up for dead a few weeks ago as he ran a cash-starved, disorganized campaign, today is viewed by canny Republican professionals as the best bet to win the party's presidential nomination. What's more, they consider him their most realistic prospect to buck the overall Democratic tide and win the general election. [1]

My first problem is my impression of Novak, now this is a completely personal opinion. I think, like most conservative and liberal writers, he is tired and out of step. Novak, has been around the Washington insiders way to long. Who are these canny Republican professionals? Can we have some names and credentials? Is he channeling the spirits of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater? Or are these the same "professionals" who lost Congress to the Democratic sweep in 06', the same professionals who have mismanaged our military efforts in Iraq, the same professionals who abandoned fiscal conservatism.

Senator McCain does lead Hillary Clinton in the latest polls put out by Rasmussen. Rasmussen shows McCain leading Hillary by +6%, but shows Giuliani +1% against Hillary, and Romney +1% against Hillary, also. Now this would be great if we were close to Super Tuesday and knew for sure that Hillary was the nominee. The Democratic primary is almost as uncertain as the Republican. Hillary is constantly slashing her own throat while Obama is sitting in the wings playing nice guy. That could bode well for him as we get further into the primaries. With this in mind, McCain is only ahead of Obama by +1% and is actually getting stomped by Edwards by +7%. Now if Hillary does get the nomination where do you think the majority of that 7%is going to throw their support? Let's not count out the fact that Senator from Arizona has a very definable reputation a RINO with the Republican constituency. Huckabee is viewed as Conservative by 43% and McCain moderate by 45%. Huckabee also leads nationally with 20% while McCain is -6% behind him. If McCain does win the primary, I feel, most of the ardent conservatives will probably not vote in the general election. This will be done to "send a message to the Republican powers" to field a more conservative candidate. This is another factor which will go against McCain, if he receives the Republican nomination.

Novak goes on to say,

This scenario does not connote a late-blooming affection for McCain among the party faithful. Indeed, he remains suspect to them on global warming, stem cell research, tax policy and immigration controls, not to mention his original sin of campaign finance reform (with authorship of the McCain-Feingold Act). Rather, his nomination would result from him being the last man standing, with all other candidates falling. Rudy Giuliani's baggage is getting too heavy to carry.[1]

So, we should pretty much hold our noses and vote for McCain because he is not a Democrat, or so the Senator would have us think. Novak does make the observation that McCain is not going to make it to the general election because of likability among Republicans. Rather on the weakness and the baggage of the other candidates. His viewpoint is very incorrect, cynical, and distorted. Hence, why he was nicknamed the "Prince of Darkness" in his early years.(Ozzie might have some contention with that label though.) I think that average conservatives will make a move that will surprise the media and the insiders in Washington. The time is ripe for a change, people want politics returned to them, not dictated.

My advice to Mr. Novak is this. Get back out there with the blue and gray collared men and women, do not rely on the so-called pundits. Keep your affiliations with those of us that make less than $100,000 a year. Listen to the constituency about what they want and need, do not try and assume to understand them. You might be surprised by their observations and ideas on what they want from a candidate. Then write about it.

To you the voter I offer you this. This is no longer about Liberal or Conservative, it is about changing the status quo. The polarization has got to end, we are all disenfranchised. Think about your candidate, do some research. Look at voting records, compare that to what they are saying now. Find the candidate who best fits your heart and intellect and offers what you deem is best for the country, then vote.


Melissa said...

McCain? I think not. Most people remember that amnesty BS he's tried to push. Novak must've been hitting the holiday cheer too hard.

My personal impression of McCain, and it may be just me, is that he sounds like his dentures are about to fall out while he's talking. Petty, I know, but irritating to listen to.

BTW, I added you to my blogroll. I also do some blogging at

CriticalThinker said...

Novak is obviously out of touch with the common man/woman. I read his article just to get a laugh and did I. If you would have inserted Giuliani or Romney's name, I might have given it a little more credience.

As always, thank your for your input, it is always welcomed and thanks for adding me to the blogroll.


Land of Da Free said...

Now Novak has a column out citing an unnamed "private interest" who did a poll of 15,000 people and it shows Fred Thompson and Ron Paul at 1%. 1%???

Something is up with Novak. Is he trying to suppress votes of certain candidates?


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