Why Fred Thompson Is The Only Choice For America.

Well, this has been a very interesting year, at least for the Republicans. First, it is Rudy, then Mitt, now Huck, Paul is making waves in conspiracy corner, Tancredo dropping out, Hunter not getting any play whatsoever. Then there is Fred Thompson. According to the media he is Mr. Lackluster, unethusiastic, tired, and just plain lazy. For awhile I bought into the hype, until, I started reading about Sen. Thompson's attitude towards the media and his campaign, his regards for people's abilities and ingenuity, his plans for America as President, and his actual charisma.

My interest in Sen. Thompson truly peaked with this A.P. article
Thompson Will ' Campaign the Way I Want'. It was this particular part of the article that got me.

"Thompson described his trajectory from teenage father to factory worker to federal prosecutor to Watergate counsel and senator, saying, "If a man can do all that and be lazy, I recommend it to everybody."
There was also this.

"I've been to Florida three or four times," he said. "The mainstream media, with all due respect, likes to concentrate on the process game on a daily basis, and I can't get caught up in that. I'm going to do it the way I want to do it."
I noticed evidence of a spine, a man who does what he thinks is right, a man who is willing to take calculated risks. In other words a man who has the earmarks of a strong leader, not a manager.

Then there was this.
Thompson's Pick: Soldiers Over Lawmakers. Thompson is quoted as saying,

"It always is amazing to me that the average 20-year-old today serving in Iraq has a better understanding often times of our national security and what it takes than a 20-year veteran of Capitol Hill who is playing politics."
What I found great about this is that he, by default, is lumping himself in there with the rest of the veterans of politics on Capitol Hill. He demonstrates that he knows that for certain subjects there are certain experts. They may not always wear stars on their shoulders, be an elected official, or be Fred Thompson. Sometimes the grunt on the deck is the expert.

Finally, there was this, Thompson would give Americans a chance to use flat tax. A very comprehensive, simple, and well thought out tax plan. Up to this point, I was not aware of any other candidates offering such a all-inclusive plan for such a key issue.

With his stand in Iowa against a facist debate moderator and the No Hand Show, his ideas on illegal immigration, and his consistant gains in Iowa, Thompson is making a strong showing. His strategy and tactics for campaigning have become evident as smart, wise, and very well thought out. These to me are great indicators of Thompson's patience and dillegence and what type of President he would be.

Note: The purpose of this weblog is not to procure voters for Fred Thompson. Obviously, I make no contention of my support for him as a candidate for the office of President. In the spirit of the atmosphere I am trying to convey, I will keep the biased to a minimum and offer the best possible political analysis based on the facts at hand.


Hms said...

GREAT opinion piece, Seebee! Spot-on, and I totally concur. Keep up the good work.
Happy Blogging!

Critical Thinker said...

Thanks, Hms. I appreciate you posting. Since you are the first comment I have had you have made my entry in the Blogosphere offical. Appreciate it!!

Sincerely, Critical Thinker

Land of Da Free said...

Nice work. Very well thought out and written.

I'm Glad that you're supporting Fred.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I have been watching and listening to all the candidates to ascertain for whom we will cast our votes. We have decided that person would be Fred Thompson. We are disgusted to see him receive so little media coverage, since his ideas would spark some very needed REAL debate. His policy positions(i.e his white papers) have left everyone else in the dust.

Has our culture become so enraptured by the superficial that many of us miss the important things?

Your article was excellent, critical thinker. It demonstrates that all are not superficial. ;-)


CriticalThinker said...

Thanks for your input, Kathy Your comments about Senator Thompson's situation are spot on. Also, thank you for the nice compliment, I appreciate it.


Radiant Times said...

Thompson is a nice guy and all, but he reminds us of Bob Dole, and Dole was a losing prospect for the Republicans. Sorry.

CriticalThinker said...

Dole was no where near the conservative that Thompson is, nor did he have the charisma. But that point can be one of contention. What is not is Senator Thompson's voting record. Purely, conservative. That is all I really needed to know, but his mannerisms and ability to lead are as they say in Louisiana ,lagniappe, or a little extra. He is as close to the total package as we are going to get. Not electing him President is a diservice to this country, in my humble opinion.

Thank you for your input, it is always welcomed.


FRedStates said...

Great Post... thanks for offering clear and concise reasons to support that man who is abviously the best choice for conservatism in America.

Thanks for your contribution!


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