It didn't come from Wassila. It was already here and it isn't Palin.

After a two week sabbatical of sorts from bloggin' and spending a little needed time getting the Conservative Political Report further set up I figured the Sarah Palin announcement and the 4th of July weekend would make for a perfect time for a return.

Well, lots has happened since we last met, Cap-and-Trade has passed the House, a small Central American country had a military coup that American conservatives actually supported, and Sarah Palin resigned as the Gov. of Alaska. These are interesting days aren't they?

Aaaah the Palin story. One wrought full of conspiracies, lies, subterfuge, and drama. While it seems to have come to a bitter sweet end for some to others it is just another chapter of haranguing and tiresome exploitation in the name of "ratings and readership."

Why did the Governor quit? Who knows? Potential federal indictment, moving on to national prominence, taking on Senator Lisa Murkowski in 2010, or just plain tired of being sick and tired? Only the Governor and God know the true answers to these questions and as time goes on so will we.

However, as I pointed out somewhere else, Palin never had a chance. She was not vetted by either side due to populist hatred and support. An emotional knee jerk reaction by one side in response to the other and Palin caught in the middle. We may actually never know her true political potential or lack thereof. Gotta love a system that is driven by "identity politics," it gave us the "One!"

Alas, though, due to an onslaught of media driven destruction along with some personal intervention by the Governor herself the fires burned out of control and now we are left with something worse than identity politics. What you have left is a case study on political suicide.



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