My Faith Be Renewed: Talk Left on the Sarah Palin "investigation."

I couldn't believe it this when I found this article on Talk Left and read the commentary. This is a group of Liberals I understand and actually wouldn't mind having over for a shot or two of some Irish whiskey. Not sure if they would invite me over though.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of their post.

Let's put the rumors to bed. The F.B.I. said today that soon to be former Governor Sarah Palin is not under investigation. No way. No how.
Now the post didn't impress me as much as the commentary by the readers did. I was, let's say, pleasantly surprised.

Her is a cherry picking of a few that I liked.

Inspector Gadget-You obviously don't have children, or don't give a darn what kind of emotional scars are created with the kind of abuse leveled on them. Sarah and Todd are able to handle what is delivered to them, but they have not obligation to AK or you to allow their children to be emotionally beaten up by an ill-mannered media.
Fabian-to find a single website that didn't have a picture of a politician's wholesome, all American family.

It would be almost as difficult to find a politician's wife who didn't play the expected role.

It's appalling that the public thinks that having a photogenic spouse and children is just as important as sound policies and solid ethics. I find it hard to blame the politicians, except when they use their family as a shield when they get caught. There's a reason that leaving politics to "spend more time with my family" is now a joke.

What kinds of "vile crap" did she say? What "politics of personal destruction"?

People went ballistic when she sneered at community organizing and even moreso when she greeted an enthusiastic, flag-waving crowd somewhere as "real Americans," but that's pretty mainstream for ordinary Republicans.

I do not want this woman ever to hold a position that has any power over any aspect of my life whatsoever, but she is not the grotesque caricature she's been made out to be.

There are more, and even some ignorant ones, but that is to be expected. The trolls find their way into every aspect of reasonable discourse so they can disrupt debate. I am sure their type even existed in the caveman days when the debate raged about whether the wheel should be round or square, the trolls probably wanted it square. But at least there are people out there who can still see past politics and rely more on human decency.

A little of my faith in humanity has been restored and strangely enough by people on the Left. Aaah, the irony.



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