USA Absent in Paris--World Unleashes Hashtag Hell

President Obama (and his administration) is facing establishment backlash for not attending Paris's unity  or solidarity or whatever rally. I have my own thoughts on the matter, which I will share later in this post. 

The Mainstream Establishment Point of View

As for Obama, being the president of the United States, which by default makes him the leader of the free world (whatever the hell that means today), I suppose he should have attended the march of hugs and kisses (I just came up with that) or at the least sent Sec. of State Kerry or Vice President Joe Biden. After all, when one Western democracy marches I suppose the rest have to follow suit. I mean, those are the rule, right?

For reasons unknown, President Obama decided not to attend nor send anyone in his stead. Bad PR move on Barry's part. The world took notice and the world said the US doesn't care and launched hashtag hell. 

See what the "world" had to say
Bottom line, "Look man, he should have been there. I mean he had to. It was about solidarity and you can't have solidarity without being solid and stuff."

Now hear comes my favorite part. 

The Dissident Reactionary Right Point of View

The march is as useless as it is pathetic. What exactly this proves as point to terrorism is over this dissident's head. The bad guys kill a few here and there, have a lot of fun doing it, watch the news coverage as if it were the Super Bowl and get back to work finding more Westerners in need of kill'in.

Meanwhile, we are supposed to show solidarity in this?

This march is nothing more than an orchestrated and calculated ploy to reinforce the Narrative. The narrative being "hey move along, turn your eyes away from your slain brethren, we really can live together. Multiculturalism and mass third world Islamic immigration will work. Trust us."

And the free speech line? Paalease. European states routinely (Great Britain, especially so) throw in jail any native who even whispers something insensitive against homosexuality or Islam. True to Western ways, free speech is only a right when it is directed toward the West itself. The more hateful and venomous, the more of a right it becomes.  

You see, if one was paying attention one would know the elite were in danger of losing this Narrative. After the mayhem the only thing our Western leaders considered as a consequence from the killings was how Marine Le Pen's National Front party would benefit. That should tell you all you need to know about the sincerity behind this march. 

Never mind the fact that Le Pen was already ahead of her challengers in France before the attacks. In fact, her party's ideas are increasingly mainstream in France. The media hasn't accepted that fact and so continue to label her and her party "extremist" and "far right." That you can expect to reach fever pitch as panic sets in. 

And so, by sticking to the Narrative, Le Pen was not invited to the solidarity march. Somehow, in spite of her popularity, in spite of her willingness (more like the cause of) to speak out against the very thing that had all these Western silly hearts marching in the first place, that being imported Islamic terrorism; she and her party have no role to play in the Narrative. So much for solidarity. 

And this is how the Narrative is won. The elites act quickly. Smear the blood of the victims on their face, hold hands, walk shoulder to shoulder, and promise solidarity, unity or something. This manufactured outburst and compassion clouds the mind for judgement and makes people reluctant to point fingers. The Western mind is captured by a feel good, guilt stricken Narrative that has paralyzed the entire damn population. 

The enforcers, the progressive sociopaths in constant attention-seeking form who want to get the same sympathy as the victims, (best illustrated in the #illridewithyou lie) will make sure no detractor dare raise his head.

The state organs supply the feel good ointment of diversity. The tropes of so-called Western ideals and convince them to rally in defense of the thing that is killing them! 

Whatever is left of Western Civilization, even the sewer that we call our pop culture, is all that we have. At least that is worth defending rather than having a Narrative, determined by the elite class, provide meaning to our lives and relegate us to a resource to be used in a system that is opposed to our Identity and existence. 



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