Video Series: Yuri Bezmenov in 1985 interview with John Birch Society about the communist/socialist subversion of America.

Alleged former KGB agent, Yuri Bezmenov is interviewed in 1985 by G. Edward Griffin, a member of the highly conservative and conspiratorial John Birch Society, and gives his thoughts on the radicalization of the United States through Soviet manipulation and subversion.

Before I run this video series, for the sake of the integrity of this post, there are a few points of interest I would like to make. Many months ago I received a copy of this particular video series from a friend who is not what you would call a paranoid conspiracy theorist. He, like me, found the observations of the interviewee absolutely astonishing and quite eerie. We discussed, at great length, the topic of possible Soviet subversion and infiltration within the United States and I was extremely tempted to post it.

Although, due to the fervor and paranoia being generated at the time over President Obama's impending inauguration I figured the point of the series would be lost. Either attracting conspiracy theorists to this site or a host of Progressive/Liberal detractors enamored in calling out a another "right wing conspiratorial theorist." It seemed to be a waste of time, so I sat on the videos. With this in mind, here are my caveats.

First, I can neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of Bezmenov's claims that he was a former KGB agent or that any of his claims on his background are true. However here is a little information on him via Wikipedia. Also this a link to an article/book/essay which he penned in 1984 called, "A Love Letter to America."

Secondly, the John Birch Society, who did the interview, was once upon a time a bastion of American conservative thought. At some point, however, their paranoia got the better of them. They had even gone as far to announce that Eisenhower was a "communist dupe." This claim resulted in a loss of their credibility and many prominent mainstream conservatives, such as Russell Kirk, William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater and more, to distance themselves from the Society.

Thirdly, whether you believe what you are about to hear and see is totally left to the reader. I found most Bezmenov's observations to be fascinating and intriguing when you cross compare them with what is happening in American culture and society today. Whether they are true or not is left for history to decide.

Video 1
: Bezmenhov gives a background on his family and himself.

Video 2
: Bezmenhov talks about the realities of the communist/socialist system, support of the that system, ironically, by capitalism, (In present terms, Chinese and US relations, NorKor and US relations, etc.)and how he defected.

Video 3: According to Bezmenhov, the most dangerous in the communist triangle of power, which included the Kremlin, the Russian military, and the KGB, was the bureaucratic wing of the communist party better known as the Kremlin. (Can you say
exorbitant bureaucratic government expansion such as national health care, Keynesian based stimulus packages, nationalization of financial institutions and corporations, sin taxes on soft drinks, FDA setting the ground rules for tobacco production, judicial activism, etc.?) Also, he spends time talking about volunteer service within the Soviet Union. (The conspiracy theory about an Obama national police force drawn from service volunteers is exactly what it is, a conspiracy theory. However, there is a noticeable parallel to be drawn between Soviet use of service to the State and what the national call to service could be manipulated into. The worry many have is it will become a potential tool for social engineering.)

Video 4
: How the former Soviet Union's KGB used its press agency, Novosti, to influence, in Bezmenhov's own words, "Progressive" intellectuals, journalists and thinkers to carry their propaganda message back to their native countries to establish a foothold within local populations. (Think back to the campaign and how the egocentric self important members of the media and academia were more than happy to carry the water for the Obama camp. Just so they could say they were some of the first on board the Hope-and-Change Express.)

Video 5: In this segment and ironically, Bezmenov calls the media "useful idiots," a term which is now being re-popularized, among certain circles, when describing the press nowadays. He also goes in depth about the ignorance, arrogance, and hypocrisy of foreign press and politicians. Subsequently, he touches on how this
was used by KGB propagandists to spread their message to these people's native countries upon their return. (ABC's upcoming propaganda/infomercial push for Obama's health care plan by broadcasting from the White House and not allowing a dissenting opinion.)

There are four more videos in this series which I will post in another article. They tend to get more into the meat of the matter about what "seems" to be happening here in the United States, presently. Whether you agree or disagree there is no denying this stuff is very fascinating.



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