Democratic Desperation Equals McCain Merriment


Senator John McCain is at best a weak Republican candidate. He reminds me of Bob Dole in the 96' elections. McCain, like Dole, is a war hero, not a very ardent conservative, a career Washington insider, and just doesn't drum up alot of enthusiasm as a candidate. With all these negatives why is it McCain might have an easier road to the White House than most thought?

Presently, the Democrats are self destructing and McCain is playing his cards right. Unlike 2004, when the Republican war machine jumped into high gear against Kerry with the swift boat ads, they are being strangely quiet on the Wright issue. Because of the divisive nature of this controversy, race, and the reputation that Republicans tend to have concerning minorities, they have decided to let the Democrats commit political suicide on their own.

There is much more than this though. You had Bill Clinton's foot in mouth disease, now, Elliot Spitzer, Hillary's constant insulting of Obama, racial and gender quandaries, and staffers getting fired for looking at someone wrong. It seems that the Democratic candidates are acting like a bunch of third rate pop stars trying to make it on to the cover of the National Enquirer. But, with all this chaos on the left, it must be very appealing for Republican strategists to jump in. Right now, that would be the wrong move. Inaction by the McCain camp is the best tactic and will inevitably be the best strategy.

Democrats seem to be unable to cope with controversy and once it starts everyone wants to be heard, everyone's feelings get hurt, and then everyone is "disenfranchised." If the Republicans allow themselves to be dragged in, it could unite the Left under their common hatred of the G.O.P. Presently, McCain is in Iraq tackling a very tough issue, the war. He is appearing stately and almost Presidential. He is also getting free press from the MSM without having to spend a dime.

McCain's advantages do not end there. While the Democrats are still trying to decide which ego will be their candidate McCain is on the Presidential trail. He is no longer concerned with bumping off Republican rivals. This gives him time to get his message out and brace up against any attacks the Democrat candidate might throw at him. Then there is his reputation. This campaign may just come down to the public view of the candidates rather than issues. McCain will be remembered as the straight talker who stayed above the fray. While Hillary's notoriety is based on her pathological ambition and ability to hurl insults. As for Obama, there will always be the question of his integrity and how much of the Rev. Wright's message he personally believes. Either way, the Democratic National Convention isn't slated until August. More than likely their nominee will be decided there and they will be playing catch up with McCain. By that time, he will have been on the Presidential trail for at least 3-4 months.



Americaneocon said...

Precisely, my dear Watson!!


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