Conservative Right Moving Towards McCain?


If you have read any of my past posts you can easily deduce I am no fan of Senator McCain's form of conservatism. He has his moments where I like him, but they are precisely that, moments. With that in mind I personally decided to throw my support to the largely RINO candidate. This decision is not because I have found some common ground with the Senator or I am now suddenly a member of that prestigious club that cannot make up it's mind which political philosophy to follow. It is because the Progressives are progressing me into a state of contempt for them. I would rather shave a wild cat's ass in a phone booth than have either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton as my President.

That is a pretty harsh statement and leaves no doubt where I stand. But my personal beliefs are not the subject of this post, the rest of the true Conservatives are. More importantly, who they are going to vote for and why.

After this past month, much of what was known about
Democrats/Liberals/Progressives has come out on the national stage. They aren't very democratic, they sure as hell aren't liberal, in the classical sense, and they are no where near progressive. They have demonstrated their inability to lead, to make a critical decision, to control their people, blame others for their misfortune, say one thing while meaning something totally different, hurl insults instead of issues, talk about hope but offer no way to get there, and so on and so on. Now, looking at this through Conservative eyes I see nothing but political infants who are screaming they are adults. That is quite sobering and somewhat frightening.

I think most true Conservatives are starting to see that too. But where does that leave them? Stay home and not vote in protest of McCain's candidacy? No, because there is much more at stake here than the fate of one party. It is the fate of a nation, and not just a white nation or a black nation. It is the fate of the American nation. Now enters John McCain.

McCain, ironically is this nation's last hope for some form of conservatism with some common sense. I think that most Conservatives see this and are starting to warm up to McCain as the greatly lesser of three evils. We know what to expect from McCain, some good, mostly bad. But, it won't be the Jimmy Carter years meets Malcom X, either. Over the next few months there will hopefully be a swelling of Conservative support for Senator McCain. They are sick and tired of the bantering from the Left and a vote for McCain is a protest against the real problem, the Progressives.

A McCain victory might damage the Republican party, but I am an American first. I am willing to sacrifice the Republican Conservative movement for awhile to save the moral fabric of this country. After all, my political affiliations are secondary to my national heritage. The latter is something these people want to rob you and I of. Think about that if you said you are going to stay home in November in protest of the McCain candidacy, because I know I'm not. See you at the voting booth.




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