Media Hype


Media hype, we hear about it all the time, but what is it? Well, by my own personal definition it is, " Sensationalism of mediocrity that sells and gets ratings and acquires viewers." Anyone with common sense or is somewhat well versed in politics and economics knows we are in rough times, or about to be. But when you turn on the tube, what is the "news" you see?

We are inundated about the Democratic mud slinging, Britney, Bush bashing, Obama bashing, Clinton bashing, useless sound bites, human interest stories, and opinion. None of this in my world qualifies as newsworthy. Where is the news? What are the things they should be reporting to the American public and where has it been written that we should take the MSM as gospel on situations?

The answer to these questions is simple; no one reports the news, the American public deserves the truth, not hype or op-eds, and the MSM is not the gospel on anything. Politics and reporting are more intertwined than ever before, I am sure to an extent it always has been. Why is the "news" reported based on the editor's and producer's political background? We do not deserve that, we deserve a report, not an analysis by the so-called experts. Take something simple as a police report, it is a gathering of the facts based on investigation into a particular situation. This sounds pretty simple and it is, this is way the news should be. Now, I do realize that there is always going to be an amount of personal judgement as to what transpired, but that is alright. What we are seeing on the idiot box these days is far passed that.

I would think the media went South after 1968-69 when Walter Cronkite declared the Vietnam war was unwinnable, because of the Tet offensive. Ironic, thing was, that it was the hugest military blunder made by North Vietnam and American forces spanked them. But, the war was unwinnable? Could you imagine if the media had declared that in World War II with the German counter attack in France after D-Day? We might be living with an ever looming fascist threat.

President Lyndon Johnson is reported to have said, "If I've lost Cronkite, I've lost America." This remark, made back in the late 60's, shows the power the media wielded back then. To think that they have not perfected the art even further is foolish. With the advent of the Internet and the speed at which information can be disseminated nowadays the power of the media has been greatly expanded, but so has the power of the little guy to investigate it and find out the truth. No longer are we restricted to just being told what is happening, we can actually find out all the facts and make our own rational decisions.




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