Racism, Reverends, and Golf


With all the race baiting, bantering from Reverend Wright, and Barack Obama's statements about his white grandma, everyone seems to have forgotten the plight of Kelly Tilghman. If you don't remember her, she was the Golf Channel commentator who made an off hand remark about Tiger Wood's opponents wanting to lynch him because he is so good.

There was a literal maelstrom of controversy from none other than Rev. Al "Not So" Sharpton. It resulted in Tilghman's public scolding and a two week suspension from work. Tilghman was guilty of nothing more than being glib. There was no racism in her words or intent. Yet she was crucified in the court of public opinion and for what?

Wright and Obama are guilty of the very same thing that Tilghman was accused of. There is video and audio proof of their statements, contradictions, and lies. Tilghman made a simple remark about Tiger Woods and his abilities. Because of what some might call a poor choice of words she is damn near destroyed. But Obama is still vying for the Presidency and Wright's congregation will probably grow.

Another interesting fact is that Tiger Woods refers to himself as a Cablinasian. A word he invented to represent his racial background of Caucasian, Black and Asian. Better be careful not to make any jokes about chopsticks or people who use them. Tiger may just go upside your head with a 9 iron.

In all seriousness, this sham is just another example of the hypocrisy and free ride afforded to people like Obama and Wright. We have to walk on egg shells and get "lynched" for using verbiage that means nothing racially. They, on the other hand, can speak what they see as the truth and no discourse is even allowed. The shallowness of this situation is just another example of the problems that this country is experiencing. It will not be Iraq or the economy which will undo this country; it will be stupidity like this.



moneythoughts said...

For someone who writes so well, I wish your critical thinking was as refined. As someone who grew up in the deep South, you should know better, but you are young and need to read some black writers. Why not start with "Black Boy" by Richard Wright and work your way to the present, then re-read what you just wrote.

I was just checking out people that were interested in economics and came across your blog.

I write and paint. Take a look at my blog, you might find it of interest.


repsac3 said...

The golf commentator said something foolish. She didn't mean anything by it, and just about anyone who saw it (including Woods, himself) understood that it wasn't a racial comment. In my opinion, she didn't deserve the suspension...

That said, a two week suspension hardly "damned near destroys" anyone, personally or professionally. And, avoiding saying anything foolish while live on the air is a big part of media reportage. I'm sure there are many many people who use "colorful" language when something unexpected happens, but any reporter who yells fuck on the air--no matter the reason--should expect to be disciplined for it by the folks they work for or by the FCC. Being aware of the words one uses & the possible misunderstandings that may result from them whilst on the air is just part of the job, and unfortunately, Ms Tilghman failed to do it on that occasion...

Speaking for me, I no more care what Obama's racist preacher has to say than I do his homophobic tailor or his warmongering uncle louie. (And I'd feel the same were it Clinton's or McCain's racist/homophobic/warmongering preacher, tailor, or uncle.) THEY are not running for president, so whatever their personal problems or how loudly & vociferously they try to convince others of them, it is the views of the candidates that matter, not the views of those they know... The whole "guilt by association" thing gets really old, really fast.

You are right about Professor Douglas (AmericanNeoCon @ American Power: Political Superstar: Obama Energizes the Hollywood Base) though... While I prefer to think he means well & wishes the best for all in this country, he can come off like an elitist, pompous ass on his blog sometimes... (which can be very funny, considering the amount of verbiage he's used accusing academics on the left of the very same crime.)

Critical Thinker said...

You are correct to state that a 2 week suspension is not destroying someone. But in today's world labeling a person racist is like branding cattle. It is how they will be identified. She was just lucky that the corporation that employs her did not sacrifice her to appease Sharpton.

As far as Obama is concerned, this is not guilt by association, although you are correct that does get old. It is about the image that Obama finely crafted over the past few years. Problem is that the Rev. is obviously someone whose counsel he seeks out and trusts. Now, we know where the Rev. stands on things. Then there was Obama's wife and her comments about being ashamed about America. If Obama had not said what he did about his grandmother you might have a point. But in light of this latest episode the evidence is strongly suggesting that Obama's beliefs are contradictory to the message he was propagating. Therefore, I feel that one can safely conclude that Obama believes most of what the Rev. spouts out.

With AmericanNeoCon, what can you say? I would have expected a more empirical approach from a "professor" than an irrational emotional response like the one he gave. His use of profanity over a misunderstanding actually surprised me. Oh well.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by and posting a comment. In the spirit of open dialogue other opinions are very welcomed.


Americaneocon said...

C.T.: I've been away from the blog, and saw your recent comments, which were well written and reasonable.

I can say this: When reading your posts I'll consider adding interesting comments and observations without putting you down or putting on some air of analytical superiority.

If you think you can do that at my place I'd be glad to exchange comments.

I agree with you in this post here, for example. All the racial outcries, etc., are totally hypocritical. You're on solid ground in your analysis.

You're welcome to return to my place and start from scratch, if you're willing.

Have a good Easter!

moneythoughts said...

It is my opinion that banks and investment houses and the products that are created to hedge risk as well as all the investment products that are created by bright marketers and investment bankers, that the days of little to no regulations are over. Forget oil, the dollar, US Treasury borrowing for just a minute and turn your attention to the sub prime mortgage mess and the failure of the rating agencies. This blow up in of itself demonstrates the need for better regulation. The whole asset-backed bond market is under a cloud because of this sub prime mess. When a portfolio can not get a bid on a bond because nobody knows what is in it, you have a monumental problem on the Street. Markets and confidence go hand in hand. The present crisis of confidence will take months to work out.

CriticalThinker said...

Ammericanneocon, definitely. Open exchange of ideas is always welcomed and wanted.
Sorry we got off on the wrong foot.

Concerning this article, there seems to be a double standard invoked. It is hard not to feel this way. We are in a world where P.C. only seems to work one way. You cannot have it both ways. Even if you do not like the standard is should be fairly enforced. If you do not it affords the growth of hypocrisy.

Happy Easter to you, also.



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