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I have been hearing about the Democrats eating their young lately, or in this case, the party establishment. So, I took a trip via the Net, to the DailyKos, a very popular left wing blog, to get a better understanding of this phenomena. Now, I must admit due to a certain funk in the cyber air, I was only able to go in so far before feeling a putrid and repulsive nausea churning in me. But, I was there long enough to get some insight into the opinions of the Left concerning their latest enigma with Barrack and Hillary. From my impression, the Kos types are resigned to their distaste for Hillary Clinton, and for the most part, are impatiently awaiting her concession. Let's look at a few of their comments.

Due to my inexperience about any legalities concerning the posting of names of posters from another blog, I will simply put their quotes up there. There will be a link to the page that I drew them from, though.

might help close the gap a bit in PA, so her margin of victory will be so small the MSM might call it a loss. But the Clintons keep moving the goalposts on what counts as a "win," and they will probably put out a press release today saying Hillary expects PA to be "close." [1]

Her downfall can't come too soon for my taste. And to think that I started out this campaign season, admiring her. If the Clintons had any brains, if they weren't stuck in 1992, they would've realized there are thousands and thousands of people like me, who used to think we were on the same side and don't think that any more. [1]

Hillary is addicted to personal ambition by engaging in futile aggressive campaigning well past the point where it is productive to her party. [1]

Now that I have washed off the Kos funk, after 12 turpentine baths, and gone through severe shock therapy to get the Communist Manifesto removed from consciousness, I should be alright. Interesting enough I find most of the comments, concerning Hillary at least, could have been posted on a Conservative/Republican website. For the most part, I agree with their assessment of her and the situation.

This person is on the tip of the iceberg and is starting to get it.

There is no reason to drag this on till July 1. We need for Obama to concentrate on beating McCain. The numbers show that Hillary cannot win today, why wait until July 1. [2]

They are getting warmer!!

we can concentrate on McCain and his rhetoric and just how "anti-war" he is. So the sooner we get our nominee, the sooner we can go after McAncient [2]

I am sure there were more, but these are the two that jumped out at me. And in all fairness, this particular list of posting I pulled were from a discussion about Casey's endorsement for ole Hussein. It still amazed me how little they are able to see the big picture. For all practical purposes, Obama is their presumptive nominee and instead of ignoring Clinton or turning up the party heat on her they still kick it around that she is a threat. This is giving the Republicans two great advantages; the first is McCain is on the Presidential trail and June or July might even be to late for the Dems. The second is they are going to have to regroup after concentrating so long on the Hillary threat. This will take away their energy for engaging McCain.

For the Republican strategists, I must say either they have a think tank of Karl Rove clones or they just got handed the greatest gift you could want, I am going with the latter. I am sure there are those on the Left that will attempt to say that this was all engineered by the vast right wing/
PNAC conspiracy. To them I will say this, "The Republicans are just like the the CIA, they are not as omnipotent as they would like you to believe. Not everything is a conspiracy, so shhhhh, it will be our little secret."

November is still a long ways away and it is anyone's guess who will win the general election, but as of now, the Republicans are heavily favored to be the victors. But, do not count out the slime machine from the Dems or Republican ineptness.


P.S. I would like to thank the Kossacks for the walk along socialist lane (I think I need to bath in turpentine again). You guys are the best.

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Americaneocon said...

This is great posting, and I'll look forward to more of your work in the future. Feel free to drop your links in my Haloscan.

To some extent I can see why the Kos people are pissed at Hillary. Obama is their savior, so just the idea that it's even remotely possible for her to leverage the superdelegates and get the nomination drives them nuts.

I think you were very fair in quoting them, because I've seen way more demonization on their blog, outright revolutionary anti-Americanism.

So, keep me posted on your research into the cyber-air of the (vile?) netroots. This reveals a lot - more than most people will acknowledge - about today's Democratic Party.

Critical Thinker said...

Thanks Professor,

Appreciate it. I think a KOS update as a regular research piece might be a good idea. Insight into the other side might make us better on ours. It can keep us honest in our perspectives.



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