James von Brunn: A Centrist-Winged Extremist

Of course, and as usual, the predictable prattle from each side of the political aisle about James von Brunn, the white supremacist shooter at the U.S. Holocaust Museum, and the debate over the controversial DHS report arose. Both sides were instantaneously pointing fingers and grabbing on to political talking points.

Unless you have been under a rock you should know the whole story of James von Brunn by now. If not here is a recap.

Von Brunn is a WW II veteran whom at some point in his life became very disenchanted and jaded with America and eventually turned to hating Jews and blacks. Often blaming them for the woes society was facing.

In 1981 he even went as far as trying to make a "citizen's arrest" of Paul Volcker, the then Fed Chairman. Of course to those grounded in reality what his actions really translated to was an armed attempt at kidnapping. He was tried and found guilty of the charges, serving 6 years in a federal prison.

Von Brunn also ran a website called the www.holywesternempire.org on which he spewed vitriolic propaganda about Jews and Blacks, the typical disgusting and putrid white-supremacist script.

Flash forward to present day; von Brunn then attacks the National Holocaust Museum killing security guard Steven Tyrone Johns and becoming critically wounded himself.

Now the fanfare.

Left-Wing Response to von Brunn.

Taylor Marsh

We have a real escalation of domestic terrorism unfolding in the United States. Something Janet Napolitano warned about in her homeland security report, for which Republicans eviscerated her.


It’s the latest domestic terrorist incident that should be worrying the FBI, but also Pres. Obama. It’s very dangerous out there.

Crooks and Liars

What this tells us, of course, is that he was "sovereign citizen" -- just like Dr. George Tiller's assassin. If he was attempting a "citizen's arrest" of Alan Greenspan as far back as 1981, that almost certainly means he was an adherent of Posse Comitatus ideology, and very likely Christian Identity as well.

Right-Wing Response to von Brunn

Infidel Bloggers Alliance

I’ve been blogging about the rising levels of anti-Semitism on the left being used to build bridges with both the Islamist community and the White Supremacists who have in turn hitched their wagon to their fellow Jew hating degenerates. Grave desecration and random attacks on Jews have been on the upswing, as has been the “anti-Zionist” rhetoric of even mainstream lefties.
Sister Toldjah

This murderer sounds like a mixed bag, but one whose “anti” tendencies tended to line up more with left wing kooks than right wing kooks. But the mediots have found their white supremacist “buzz words” on von Brunn and the lefties are following suit, and are marching on with the “right wing extremism” theme. It’s a calculated tactic used under the guise of “concern” but of which the real purpose of using is to put conservatives all in one big paint bucket. Forget the broad brush. It’ll be a full-blown dunking.

Now, here is where the story really takes a strange turn.

It seems von Brunn may have been attempting to attack Fox News, the Washington Post, and the Weekly Standard, a neo-conservative editorial magazine.

Since both sides are too caught up in their hyperbole and seem to find it more important to politicize yet another tragedy, I offer up a compromise which will make everyone happy. Due to the fact that von Brunn obviously hates conservatives, as much as he hates liberals, this should classify him as a centrist-winged extremist. Put them in the DHS report and both sides of the aisle will hopefully shut the hell up.

And just when you thought politics couldn't reach new lows. They never stop amazing, do they?

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Hot Air
-“Right-wing” Holocaust Museum shooter may have targeted … the Weekly Standard; Update: Fox News also targeted?

Balloon Juice
-Manichean Morans



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