Another look into the world of the frivolous and nonessential.

I really like memeorandum as a news aggregator. They do a fantastic job at gathering information that is usually pertinent to daily occurrences, a smaller blogging based Drudge if you will. Though sometimes, just sometimes, they fall into a deep chasm of "Who cares!?!" And the heavy hitters on the bloggin' scene are more than happy to put a brick on the pedal and fly right off into oblivion with them.

Here is the latest headline concerning an anonymous Libbie blogger whose identity has just been outed by Ed Whelan of Bench Memos at the National Review Online.

Exposing an Irresponsible Anonymous Blogger

One bane of the Internet is the anonymous blogger who abuses his anonymity to engage in irresponsible attacks. One such blogger who has been biting at my ankles in recent months is the fellow who calls himself “publius” at the Obsidian Wings blog.
Okay, so what? Is this relevant to anything at all? I admit I have fallen into the trap once in awhile but overall I have tried to just put out information that people may not have time to actually gather on their own.

However, when you can enlighten me on how outing "publius" makes my life better or worse I might consider this more than a childish reprisal. I go to sites like NRO and memeorandum for information, not blogging gossip.

I only hope they will get off topics like this and stick with something a little more important like Pathetic Man Thinking About Maybe Taking Some Sort Of Class Of Some Kind or In Attempt To Jump-Start Economy, Obama Declares Tuesdays Ladies' Night.

Big picture, guys, big picture.

Update: Okay I can't resist. Hot Air has a poll up asking whether it is ever okay to out a blogger. Well I don't have a cool Poll Daddy icon so I will just ask a question. If publius gets into a car accident and has to pay higher insurance premiums will it be Bill O'Reilly's fault?



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