David Vitter not so popular?

After reading an article about Senator David Vitter (R-La.) facing a challenge from an unlikely opponent, a porn star turning politician (Shameless plug for our new website.), I wondered about the field of opponents and difficulties he is facing.

Coincidentally and with Divine providence, an article appeared on memeorandum that seemingly answered my question about Vitter. The link led to the nola.com blog which is hosted by the local paper, the Times-Picayune.

Here is an excerpt,

The survey, conducted by Southern Media & Opinion Research, found that the state's voters are markedly ambivalent about their junior senator. As a whole, they can live with him. But they'd also be just fine living without him, if someone better were to come along.
While I do not doubt the validity of the poll, in the area of Louisiana I am from Vitter is fairly popular for his fiscally conservative views. Of course my own personal polling methodology is word of mouth among moderate to far-right conservatives, democratic yellow dogs, and a smattering of Louisiana progressives. (Please don't misunderstand, La. progressives would be thought of as right-wing nuts by the DHS.)

After further traveling the link trail to SoItGoesInShreveport the author, Pat, reminds me about the realities of Louisiana politics.

Louisiana politics is always a crap shoot.

Although, as pointed out by Professor Jeff Sadow, (H/T to SoItGoesInShreveport) Vitter has a few significant advantages that opponents cannot afford to overlook.

The whole premise to the vulnerability thesis is that the widespread perception that Vitter cavorted with call girls will make enough supporters ignore everything else about Vitter’s service as senator and base their vote on that. For the fact is, on nearly every issue Vitter has faithfully and genuinely reflected the preferences of anywhere from slim to large majorities in the state, and with a large campaign budget (he’s got plenty) he can make sure in any campaign that his record will not be ignored.
Either way, this Senate race cannot be called a slam-dunk for the GOP, but a Vitter victory, for right now, is probably a safe bet. Not to mention the local girl/porn-star aspect will surely make for a great after-school special.

You gotta love Louisiana politics!!



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