Pelosi turns down Sunday talk show circuit.

After two weeks of suffering hoof-in-mouth, better known as, Joe Bidenitis, Nancy Pelosi, Screecher of the House, has opted to remain free and clear of talk show Sunday.

From the Hill,

The Hill-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) turned down invitations to be on several Sunday morning talk shows and is instead spending the weekend with her family.

The Speaker was invited to appear on NBC's "Meet the Press,” ABC's "This Week,” “Fox News Sunday” and CNN’s “State of the Union,” according to sources at the networks. read more..

Pelosi has cited that she will be unable to further demolish her position and make herself more of a political liability due to her attending her grandaughter's first communion.

While Pelosi is in the Church, she might consider a little confession with the good Padre also.

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