Russia pushes and US is starting to push back.


Poland has now ratified the missile defense shield with the US, NATO is having a nice little get together to discuss what to do about the Rooskies, and Condi is getting ready to go on the warpath. Seems, the pieces on the chessboard are being positioned by NATO (the United States) to push their agenda through despite Russian overt aggression in the Caucus region. If this plays out like I think it will Russia has made a very grievous strategic error, not only has it not accomplished their goal of isolating the Caucasus, but it has caused the NATO agenda to speed up and gain more international support than ever before. The idea of a Balkan or Caucus state becoming a member of NATO would probably have been treated by most people as a novelty or a quaint sign of a changing world. Now that is not the case, the limited or full membership of these nations into NATO has moved to the forefront of the geo-political scene and is on the mind of most people around the world. The attitude displayed by Condi Rice is somewhat surprising and antagonistic. Quite a breath of fresh air, actually.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday that Russia is playing a "very dangerous game" with the U.S. and its allies and warned that NATO would not allow Moscow to win in Georgia, destabilize Europe or draw a new IronCurtain through it. [1]

I really liked this one.

This "is a very dangerous game and perhaps one the Russians want to reconsider," Rice said of the flights that began again with frequency about six months ago. "This is not something that is just cost-free. Nobody needs Russian strategic aviation along America's coast." [1]
Remember, all this tough talk is coming from the American Secretary of State, not from the other members of NATO. Despite what my theory on the outcome might be, there is always the Western Europe factor of sucking up to a tyrannical government to consider. The chips can still fall for Russia if NATO chooses to take a lame or weak stance.
At Tuesday's meeting, the NATO ministers will consider a range of upcoming activities planned with Russia—from military exercises to ministerial meetings—and decide case-by-case at the meeting Tuesday whether to go ahead or cancel each. [1] President Medvedev, of the Federation had this to say to "foreign powers."
President Medvedev of Russia yesterday promised a “shattering blow” against any foreign power that moved against Russian citizens. [2]
Now, there is the Russia I remember; a total lack of cognizance, ignominious, and childishly imprudent.
The threat will compound the fears of former Soviet states, which are concerned that they could be next after Russia’s attack on Georgia. [2]
This analysis is only half right, the fear of looming Russian attack will be there. But, where the small Caucus and Baltic nations run for protection and support is a whole other point of contention. Even money would bet on NATO and the States, especially if NATO allows some sort of interim membership for the fledgling democracies and provides military assistance to these regions. Granted, the US and NATO failed Georgia miserably, but so far, they are stepping up to the plate to correct the situation and drawing a line in the sand with the Russians. The meeting on Tuesday will more than likely be a window into how NATO will be dealing with the Russians in the future.


[1]NATO won't let Russia succeed in Georgia: Rice
[2]Cross us and we will crush you, warns Medvedev



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