GOP: Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome


With the way Republicans have been the past few years I hate giving them any credit on some apparently successful actions. Usually they suffer from dementia, that has long plagued the Democrats, and end up shooting themselves in the foot.

While the Liberals/Poptards/MoonBats run amok in Denver, claiming to be healing rifts while their power players make new ones, the GOP is in a strategic mind set. They are dealing with their rifts behind closed doors and are apparently meeting in the middle, not the centrist middle, the reasonable middle.

Steve Spruiell, for the National Review, had this to say about the GOP's crafty energy policy that will be presented at the convention.

The global warming vs. climate change debate was part of the effort to find a common ground between McCain, who believes that warming is an urgent threat that requires an aggressive reduction in greenhouse-gas emissions, and Republicans who are skeptical of such claims. [1]

The expected fissure between Mr. Maverick and the GOP conservatives popped up and I am sure a lot of people were thinking, " Oh great, here we go again." But, everybody took a breath and seemed to rely on their intelligence, not their emotions.

The chair and co-chair of the subcommittee told the delegates with the biggest concerns to work together on alternative language rather than file a bunch of separate amendments. “Essentially, we re-wrote the first paragraph,” says the delegate I talked to. “We decided to strike the whole thing and come up with something better.” [1]

This led to this draft being used for the climate change agenda.

The new version dropped the sentence that attributed warming to human activity. It also added a line after “measured and reasonable steps” that stated, “Any policies should be global in nature, based on sound science and technology, and should not harm the economy.” [1]

What can I say? I applaud the energy sub-committee, this little piece of semi-genius is simple and eloquent. They did not try and over complicate the message with legal rhetoric, scientific drooling, or McCainisms. This is a solid conservative way of approaching this issue.

Although not all the delegate committees were sitting around at the end of the day singing Kumbyah. Ironically, the national security group had trouble. One would think that this would be the one area where the GOP would excel and climate change would be where they falter.

Delegates were split into different subcommittees and it was in the national security meeting where members got into heated discussion surrounding the issues of amnesty and English as the official language of the United States. [2]

The debate was filled with words such as a “friendly debate” and “respectful disagreement” but it was clear that behind the friendly terminology there was real dispute among the members, especially with the thorny issue of illegal immigration. [2]

Yes they are having problems in certain areas, but they are being forward thinking about issues, how they construct their stances, and not thumbing their noses at new ideas. I found this very interesting, the GOP is listening to their voting base.

The RNC calls this platform drafting process the most transparent and open in their history. They received over 12,000 submissions from the public via YouTube addressing concerns people wanted to see in the platform. [2]

The GOP does have its challenges, but I think the overall attitude is that they are preparing for battle. Not in the traditional sense of Rovian smears, overwhelming their opponents with money, and lip service. These are the tactics that the Dems are practicing these days, and why not, it is what defeated them in 2000 and 2004. But, the playing field has changed for the GOP; they are more streamlined, they are listening, and they might be applying some good ole organic conservative thought. They seemingly, have adapted.


[1]Cooler Heads in the GOP
[2]The RNC Meets to Draft Their Platform: Sparks Fly on the Issue of Illegal Immigration



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