BHO Experience vs. Palin Experience for Prez: Darn, I Forgot She is Running for Veep


Well the attacks are in, "Palin has no experience, she was only a mayor of 9,000 and a Governor for 2 years!" "You can't have her one step away from the Presidency!" "Yeah and it negates the experience issue about Barack!" Oh, really?

Actually, it doesn't. I think the Obama campaign and the MSM must really think we are a bunch of boobs. Newsflash Barry, Sarah Palin isn't running for the Presidency, John McCain is. Did the Obama camp forget about that?

Okay, so let's look at Palin; she presides over a state that encompasses 570,374 sq.mi, has a population of 670,053 people, the GDP of Alaska is $41 billion, along with the state House and Senate, she filled Alaska's coffers with an extra $5 billion dollars for FY 08, to accomplish this feat she had to reach across the aisle to Democrats as well as some bull headed Republicans, stands in command of 1,850 Alaska Army and Air National Guardsman (Small, yes, but still military.), her state is about 50 miles or more away from Russia and is bordered on the other side by Canada, so she has never dealt with a foreign nation. She understands the energy crunch and what to do about it better than anyone. She was the Chairwoman of the State's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which regulates Alaska's oil and gas resources. I don't think she is qualified to even work in fast food with this resume.

Besides voting on legislation, what has Barry managed and led? Let's take a look at him...............Wow!! That was quick.

Does managing a campaign for 2 out of the 3 years you have been in office count? What about counting the Greek backdrop at the DNC as an infrastructure project? Maybe helping out the local pot dealers in Denver by attracting Moonbats to buy from them can be thought of as a community outreach program with economic implications.

Moving on.

Evidence presented, Palin has demonstrated more potential for leadership and reform in her short 2 year bid as Alaska's Governor. She has done what she said she was going to do, kept her promises, and fought hard for her constituents well being. I would even take her record as a lowly Mayor and put it up against Obama's "lengthy resume" as a US Senator. I think that alone would make her a better candidate than the whine and blame candidate.


PS How long do you think it will take Joe "Foot-in-Mouth" Biden to say something stupid about Governor Palin? I would really love your predictions.

Edit: I just came across this via A Second Hand Conjecture and man oh man, this does not bode well for our junior Senator. Governor Palin visiting her own Guardsman in the desert. How many Senators from Illinois do this and not just for a photo-op or through prodding from a rival candidate? The more I investigate her the more I see her potential for greatness.



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