Biden, Yawn, Big Deal.


Well, all the hoopla and mystery about Obama's V.P. pick is over, as most of you probably know it is Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. Okay, it's Biden, now what? This was like watching a well anticipated movie that was supposed to be of Oscar winning caliber and it rated nothing more than a "B" performance. Kind of disappointing.

Biden simply put, is a yawn for the Obama ticket. His fist pumping, progressive, youth filled, change oriented base will get nothing from this. Obviously this was an attempt to bring in all those old school Dems who do not identify with Barry. A Biden veep pick is Obama telling them, “I am safe, you see I am one of you." "It is okay for you to vote for me."But, will Biden's arrival on the scene even accomplish that?

As of now, I do not see Biden's presence really affecting the outcome of this election in anyway, shape, or form. Other than him saying something stupid, which he is well known for doing, he will probably be a non-factor. On the flip side, looking at Biden compared to Obama's other choices; he is a sound and safe pick when you balance him out against weaknesses of the Dem ticket.

But Biden meets the standard for a vice president. [1]

Okay, I will agree with that, but again he is safe, to a point, and that is it. The Obama camp has been so charged with "Change," Biden is a step back. But, Obama has been under blistering attacks from the right about how naive and inexperienced he is. Biden brings that elder Democratic statesman formula into play. This does not quell those attacks, but to a small degree it takes away some of the sting.

Also, you have to think about those hardcore Progressives that make up quite a chunk of Obama's base. They will see Biden as the old guard, not the new socialist movement that is taking over the Democratic Party. I am sure the majority of them will still vote for Obama, but this could potentially generate more tension.

Too much change can be a bad thing, and Biden, unlike other candidates for the number two job, curbs stories about naivete and a lack of depth. [1]

This directly falls in line with Biden's experience as the former chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the current chair of the Senate Foreign Services Committee. Not to mention that Biden has been around Washington since the Nixon era.

Biden, like Gore, is the insider who makes the Obama-Clinton outsider acceptable to fellow insiders. [1]

I could not disagree with this more. Obama has the Democratic side of Washington locked up in Al Gore's lockbox and takes it out when he wants to play. Look at the money this man has generated of the past year. Do you think that is all coming from the public? Uh, no. Obama made his own in-roads into Washington and got well established and liked by the Democratic heavy hitters very rapidly. Biden is a non-factor in this area.

Instead of picking a candidate who helps him in a tactical sense, Obama eschewed political calculations and picked someone viewed as ready to be president. As the media begins to focus on Obama's perceived arrogance and calculating nature, choosing Biden goes against that emerging narrative. [1]

It's all about image and Biden will do nothing for Obama's image. Again, the voters already have formed their opinions on how they view Obama, it's too late. In fact, Biden does not compliment Obama's weak image, he tends to highlight it. Biden, for the most part, represents everythng that Obama wanted to change in Washington but has been unable to. So, instead of moving from this, Obama has embraced it. This is because he is to weak to stand on his own experience and his message has no substance.


[1] Why Biden is the Perfect Pick



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