Obama: Please get to know me. You might like me.


Well, the Convention of the Cult of Obamafornia is going to be underway. All the crazies, loonies, socialists, hippies, enviro-whackos, and elitists will be there for their messiah, participating in Obamania I.

What is even crazier is what ole Barry is trying to accomplish with people who have not yet made their decision. Check this out.

DENVER, Colorado (CNN) -- Sen. Barack Obama says this week's Democratic National Convention would help give voters a better "sense of who I am" -- and Obama could get some unexpected help. [1]

A sense of who I am? What in the bloody, blue, blazes has this ego maniac been trying to do for the past year and a half? I thought the convention was about, the pomp and circumstance of receiving the nomination and generating energy for your base. Maybe, someone should tell the Obaminator that this not August 07', people should already have a "sense of who you are."

Obama said Sunday he hopes those voters will conclude from the four-day convention that he is "sort of like us. He [Obama] comes from a middle-class background. He went to school on scholarships; he had to pay off student loans. He and his wife had to worry about child care." [1]

Again a little late, don't you think? Obama is campaigning in reverse. People should already have a clear picture of who you are and what you stand for. I think that is the problem for Obama. The nation is finally getting over the hype and the Hollywood style marketing blitz. Most are realizing that there is not much more there than an empty suit with some catchy speeches. Now, this is not an indicator of a loss in November, but it is showing the cracks that have developed in the Obama campaign over the past few months and how weak he really is.


[1] Get to know me, Obama says going into convention



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