Rule #5: Females, Football, Fighting and Fortissimo

With all of this talk about Pussy Galore, no I am not referring to the abundance of the female anatomy, I mean the Bond girl, it got me thinking about Sunday. So, in honor of all the sexist, male chauvinist, truffle searching pigs out there, here is some Rule #5 action. Featuring some college football, hot babes, a reminder of what Liberal foreign policy really means, and music courtesy of the Rolling Stones.

Females and Football

Fighting and Fortissimo (Courtesy of the Stones, Just a Shot Away.)

That should cover it.

Update: Since there seems to be some confusion on Smitty's part as to what my alliteration was trying to accomplish, I will clarify. The four things most guys love; women, football, war, and good music. And for those who are a little more politically minded, a shot at the Liberals for giving us Vietnam. All wrapped up in a nice little package.



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