Norway's Green Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy evidently knows no bounds in the Nordic States...

From Freakonomics

By most measures, Norway is among the greenest countries on Earth. It gets virtually all of its electricity from hydropower; it plans to cut its greenhouse emissions by 30% by 2020; and it has more electric vehicles per capita than any country in the world. But Norway is also the biggest oil producer in Western Europe and the world’s third-largest exporter of natural gas. All that petroleum money allows Norway to subsidize its green lifestyle; it has also helped create what is now the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world, soon projected to top $1 trillion.

And beyond their green hypocrisy, Norway as a  microcosm anecdotally reinforces the point that all things social-welfare are inexorably tied to one form of capitalism or another for their life-blood. Presently there isn't much  that will change that cold hard fact.



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