Unborn Palin: The Real Power Broker in Election 08'


Yup, strange title, I agree. This is theory, hypothesis, and conjecture, not to mention opinion. But, if the Left continues this attack on Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Trig Palin, and Britstol's unborn child it could spell devastation for the Obama campaign if this hits the national level harder. If you look at three of the names presented as victims in this potential onslaught, they are all under eighteen and two of them cannot defend themselves, at all. It could potentially galvanize and give the Right something to rally its base, which really has already happened, Hillary supporters, and females in general to the McCain/Palin camp.

Philosophically, it fits great if the Right wants to go on the offensive with the Libs (Obama). With abortion being such a hot potato topic it is perfect that the Left would use Bristol's out of wedlock pregnancy as a weapon against Palin's credentials. Therefore, they are going after Bristol Palin's unborn child. As noted above the consequences for the Left could be devastating. That is why I say, potentially, this unborn little one is the real power broker in the election. Couldn't think of a better person to bring down Obamarama.


PS I do know that the child's last name will not be Palin. Since I do not know the father's last name I am simply using Bristol Palin's name until it can be corrected.



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