2010: Year of the Tiger or the Conservative?


2010? Could this be the year Conservatives start making their comeback? Well this depends on a few factors that revolve around Congress and Obama. The President-elect, will more than likely be worrying about the economic meltdown as his main platform. It is an absolute necessity for the survival of his Presidency as well as the nation.

While the White House is concentrating on issues such as this, pulling out troops from Iraq, and dealing with Guantanamo, this leaves Congress up to its own mischief. Although they will be involved in any type of corrections the White House deems necessary to solve these present circumstances, Democratic Progressives seem very intent on pushing through their pet legislations while no one is looking. It is a prime opportunity they have not had in many years.

Taken from the National Journal,
Early on, however, expect some low-hanging fruit to get plucked. Democrats will probably push through the State Children's Health Insurance Program, which got significant Republican support in the current Congress. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a bill ready to go authorizing federal financing for embryonic-stem-cell research, and another that would overturn a limited Supreme Court decision on women's ability to sue for wage discrimination.
Despite this, Obama will still have to make legislative pay offs to those who helped get him elected and obtain the Democrats a nice majority in Congress. Obama, for all his charisma and serendipity will still have to play old fashion get down-n-dirty Washington politics, and this could comeback to haunt him and Congress. There are too many who assisted him in being elected and want their seven pieces of silver in return.

Congress’s leadership, as is well known, is dominated by Progressives. Their attitude towards governance is not going to help them hold Congress if they do not slow down. . Their intention seems to be fast tracking government to Mach one without worrying if there are any brakes.

National Journal,
Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio said "This era is even more conducive to that kind of grassroots progressive push on the Congress. There clearly is going to be an inside-outside strategy here where progressives are going to push on our Congress and the president to move forward -- that's the definition of progressive, and we are going to have lots of help from the outside, and that is going to help our government move."
In order for Conservatives and Republicans can stake their claim in the House and then further, they will need a few signs it is time to attack. When divisions start to appear between Conservative Democrats and the Progressives, this will be the first stages of infighting. Another good indicator will be the Moderate Dems caucusing with Republicans against some major legislation that Reid, Pelosi, and the rest of the Progressive pack are trying to push through.

2010 is not that far away and Conservatives are like a lost hippie trying to find himself in the desert. If they lose their bid at the House in two years, you can pretty much hang it up and join the Dems, because that will be the sign the Conservative identity crisis has run to deep.



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