Rumor: Newt Gingrich running for RNC Chair. Reality: Why not?


There seems to be a little bit of a rumor developing on the Conservative blogs that Newt Gingrich is going to make a run at the RNC chair. After searching for the beginning of the rumor, hoping to find a practical source of information to clarify, the search ended up back where it started. An article on Digital Journal, with no substantiating links or visible resources listed.

Obviously based on hear say and conjecture, this theory does have a practical side to it. Gingrich had expressed interest in running for President in 2008 and is rumored to have aspirations for 12’. Due to his attachment to the impeachment of Clinton and his own personal problems (i.e. an extramarital affair and a messy first divorce), Gingrich is an unlikely candidate for any office, especially since he would be identified with the polarization back in the 90’s.

However, for his pluses, Gingrich was credited with almost single-handedly returning Congress into the hands of the Republican Party in 1994, after forty odd years of Democratic domination. He also was a Rep. in the days of a Liberal dominated Congress, when he came to office in 1978. Gingrich recognizes how to operate in an environment non-conducive to Conservative thought and remain successful.

Most of the present Republican leadership came into power either during the Bush years, or a little before. They have functioned with little to no opposition from very weak opponents causing them to get drunk with power. They have fallen into a malaise and a false sense of security, which led them away from their core Conservative principles. Nor do they possess the strategic experience to combat the present day Liberal juggernaut. Gingrich, on the other hand, does.

His education is another factor. He is simply put, is a Conservative intellect, possessing a Doctorate in European History from Tulane, in New Orleans, La. He also taught at the University of West Georgia form 1970-78. He is a consummate student of history, something the Republicans are in desperate need of since they are so far off the beaten path. His leadership behind the scenes and at the grassroots level could possibly shake up the Conservative movement and help redefine and unify their fractured party.

Also, Gingrich is presently leading a charge for social issues that most Republicans have shied away from, such as health care. Much like Obama and the liberals made raids into Republican held territories Gingrich might be trying to do the same, in a philosophical sense. This is not to say that he does not believe in these issues just that not enough Republicans do. These are wholeheartedly Conservative topics, which tie right in to the “natural rights” system of thought.

One other advantage Gingrich would have is a very limited but impressive pool of talent to draw from. You have Jindal, Pawlenty, Palin, etc. and all have two things in common; they are Governors and they are young. Ironically, every successful Republican President in the past forty years has been served in this office. Until President-elect Obama, a Senator had not been elected to the office of President since John F. Kennedy. Another point, whenever Republicans have fielded a candidate, in recent times, that was a Senator, they have been stingingly defeated by the Democrats.

Finally, Gingrich brings three things to the table; the elder statesman facet, the inspiring mentor adage, and an activist state of mind. He may possess to many personal flaws to be a viable candidate for office and is often prone to some hubris. However, his vast intellect, leadership skills, and command of the bona fide Conservative frame of mind could be the core to a successful movement within the RNC.



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