The End of Amtrak Joe

Politics aside, Joe Biden has demonstrated a quality that I have long admired him for. That is his daily 90 minute commute back and forth from Delaware to Washington DC and the reasons he did it.

On December 18, 1972, shortly after winning his Senate seat, Biden's first wife, Neilia Hunter and his one year old daughter were killed in a traffic accident. His two young sons, Beau and Hunter, were critically injured, both eventually made full recoveries.

Because of this tragedy, Biden commuted from Wilmington, Delaware to DC in order be home with his sons. He continued this throughout his Senate career, earning him the nickname, "Amtrak Joe."

Now that he is Vice-President-elect, Biden will be residing, with his family, at No. 1 Observatory Circle on the grounds of the US Naval Observatory, ending his 36 year commute .
The Observatory has been the official home for the Vice-President and their families since 1974. Also, this is the first time the Biden's will be living in Washington DC.

Picture credit to Gerald Herbert/Associated Press.



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