Islamic Extremists vs. Liberal Media

It seems that Islamic extremists aren't fans of NPR either. But rather than just turn the dial they have taken a different and much more violent approach.

From USA Today,
BAGHDAD (AP) — U.S. broadcaster NPR says some of its journalists have escaped injury when a bomb exploded in their car as it was parked along a street in west Baghdad.

NPR's foreign editor Loren Jenkins said the journalists left their vehicle Sunday to interview people inside a restaurant.

Iraqi soldiers ran up and warned them that a bomb had been placed in their car while they were inside the restaurant. Moments later, the vehicle exploded in flames. No one was injured.

NPR said on its website that Iraqi soldiers arrested a shopkeeper from a store next door.

Use of "sticky bombs" attached to cars, buses and trucks has become increasingly common in Baghdad since increased security has made it difficult for extremists to use truck bombs.

Thankfully no one was injured or killed. However I am sure we will hear the cries of righteous indignation from NPR and press releases that Iraq is deteriorating "again."



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