What if Obama loses, who goes to the gallows?


It's no secret that most Conservatives aren't fans of the MSM. We often hearken for their demise, in a figurative sense of course. That's why when CT posted the article, Slate-to-Slate polling, I thought it would comical to follow it up with an even more interesting article provided by Slate, If Obama Loses, Who Gets Blamed?

John Dickerson, the author, contemplates what an Obama loss would mean,
CLEVELAND—If Barack Obama wins the election, it will be historic. And if he loses, it will be pretty historic, too: It would mark the biggest collective error in the history of the media and political establishment.

An Obama loss would mean the majority of pundits, reporters and analysts were wrong. Pollsters would have to find a new line of work, since Obama has been ahead in all 159 polls taken in the last six weeks. The massive crowds that have regularly turned out to see Obama would turn out to have meant nothing. This collective failure of elites would provide such a blast of schadenfreude that Republicans like Rush Limbaugh would be struck speechless (another historic first).

This situation lends a feeling of unreality to the proceedings as we begin to measure the time until Election Day in hours. It is the elephant on the campaign plane. No one is letting on. Journalists aren't supposed to. Plus, we've been wrong so often, and politics can be so unpredictable, it would be dumb to say that Obama is going to win big.
Of course after all this talk about Obama, Mr. Dickerson felt the Mathews tingle up his leg. Like an excited mutt that just got through peeing on the floor, he proceeded to trash a fairly good article. Showering praises on Obama for his metrosexuality and GQ-ishness. Dickerson for Godsake, stay on topic! As it is, you might be out of a job soon.



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