Obama Cabinet Choices are Political Poison


In an article on PJM, Obama’s Rumored Picks Cheer Up GOP, by Jenifer Rubin, there is a supposed buzz in the Conservative community about some of Obama's picks for his Cabinet.

Rubin offers three possible scenarios for these supposed bi-partisan picks,
First, it may be that Obama does not care all that much about national security policy and wants to leave it in capable hands while he rushes off to re-enact the domestic New Deal.

Another theory is that Obama never believed much of anything he was telling the left wingers during the campaign. It was all a carefully devised scheme to capture the nomination.

And yet another explanation is that he is entirely a political creature, devoid of well-thought out policy positions. Clinton was selected to get her out of the Senate. Gates will calm the GOP. Rahm Emanuel will keep a lid on Nancy Pelosi. It is all about power — consolidating it and preventing well-formed opposition.
The third is the most plausible since it covers all the bases. No matter how Senator Clinton and President-elect Obama engage each other in public. It is not hard to detect the large amount of tension between the two of them, even through a television. The Obama camp knows that Hillary Clinton is still a force to be reckoned with in the Senate. She could be a potential problem if not corralled.

Besides this, her possible appointment as Sec. of State is puzzling. This woman is a fantastic politician, however, she does not have a diplomatic bone in her body. The corralling theory is the only one that makes a modicum of sense. Her involvement in the Presidency will keep her close, so she will be easy to keep an eye on. Also, what real power does the Sec. of State actually have? It is more of an abstract diplomatic position that can be influential and robust if the President allows it to be.

Gates staying on creates the perfect fall-guy if something goes wrong militarily. Liberals will be able to say he wasn't their guy, but what choice did they have, they needed to keep him on since we are at war. It also quiets the Republican argument and concerns about Obama's lack of national security experience. How can you argue against Robert Gate's and his advice to the President-elect. After all, you listened to him for two years under the Bush administration with the Surge. Now he isn't good enough?

GOP'ers need to realize that everything that the Obama crew does is not without some calculated motivation. There is always a plan A,B, C,D...and so on. Obama, with his first pick of David Axelrod as his chief campaign strategist to his appointment of Rahm Emanuel as his CoS, you see a disturbing pattern of Chicago political alliances. All three men profess to be very good friends, and Axelrod and Emanuel will both have Obama's ear. It is safe to garner that their planning of these selections has been well thought out.

The smoke screen of bi-partisanship makes for a great bed time story. Nevertheless, there is always some malevolence or blueprint that runs deeper than what is being presented. This is what Conservatives and Republicans need to remember. If the GOP starts to fall for Obama's hypnotic gaze or gets over confident about his picks, they will be dooming themselves to a loss in 10' and 12'. Obama must be dealt with like a snake; very carefully, cautiously, and patiently. If not he will be able to strike when you least expect it.



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