Michael Steele on the Politico

Steele wrote an interesting piece for the Politico, called Reports of GOP death exaggerated. Steele, the former Lt. Governor of Maryland and current chairman for GOPAC, tossed his hat in the arena for the chairmanship of the RNC recently.

Steele wrote, "Sure, Republicans have had a hard couple of elections. But you’ll excuse me for suggesting that reports of our death have been more than a little exaggerated."

The 4 point victory for the Presidency was a sound but not the mandate for Barack Obama that the media would like people to believe. The 1980 victory of President Reagan over incumbent President Jimmy Carter displayed a mandate. Reagan defeated Carter 50.7% to 41% and carried 44 states versus Carter's 6+DC. Consequently in 1984 Reagan furthered the Reagan Revolution by obliterating Walter Mondale in 1984. Reagan won with 58.8% to Mondale's 40.6% of the electorate, carrying 49 states to Mondale's 1+DC. With all of the media hype, money spent and technological assistance, the Obama camp could only muster a 4% victory. If someone on the GOP side ccould understand these tactics and how to implore them with a conservative bent, Republicans will win soundly in 12'.

Steele has a decent grasp of the strategies required; optimism, using communication technology, aggressive forays into Liberal held territory, GOP accountability, representing the middle class once again, and returning to purist Conservative thought. One of the advantages Steele has is his face time as a Fox News Analyst. Out of all of the candidates running for the Chair of the RNC, Steele not only has the right ideas, he has the credibility and venue to market the new direction of the GOP.



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