Commander Pigeon..Afghanistan's only known female warlord.

   Photograph by Lorenzo Tugnoli, the New Republic
Gathered from the word of the obscure and inexplicable I am pleased to introduce you to Afghanistan's only known female warlord...Bibi Ayisha also known as Commander Pigeon.

Very INTERESTING but long story in the New Republic about a TNR reporter, Jen Percy's overnight stay with Commander Pigeon. Well worth the time.
...Then, in 1979, the Soviets swarmed her mountain and murdered her son. She turned to jihad. She killed the commando, organized a militia of 150 men to fight the Soviets, and rode alongside Ahmad Shah Massoud, leader of the Northern Alliance. They called her Commander Pigeon because she moved and killed with the elegance of a bird.
If there was ever a woman who could teach the misandrists in the United States a thing or two about real feminism it's this tough old bird. From the sound of things, I would hate to face her in a firefight.



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