We Are All Nigel the Parrot

Nigel was a happy African grey parrot. He was reared in an English speaking household. His owner, Darren Chick, a Brit, taught him the ways of the English, to include an impeccable British accent. Unfortunately for Nigel, he went missing one day four years ago. All alone and without the guidance of Mr. Chick, Nigel had to assimilate into the culture around him. Being that Nigel lived in California with his owner, Nigel now speaks Spanish. His original heritage forgotten and replaced. 

…During his long absence, Nigel had forgotten all about his British roots - and started speaking Spanish.

Rather than swapping pleasantries in English, the bird now fires off a '¿Que pasa?' to passing humans, the Daily Breeze reported.

This story of Nigel is a cautionary tale—a microcosm of America itself.
All alone, Nigel was forced to pick up and immolate and adapt to his surroundings. Surroundings far different than the ones he was accustomed to. Outside the confines of his home environment, Nigel discovered the country was alien from the one Mr. Chick introduced to him.

That the parrot naturally adopted Spanish is indicative to the state of America: Rootless, without a definitive national culture of its own, a conglomerate of global humanity, languages, religions and diseases. The only advantage Hispanics have in this train wreck we call diversity is that Mexico and South America’s proximity to America’s nonexistent southern border. 

With a steady influx of fresh immigrants and a robust birthrate, California and other parts of the southwest will be a quasi-Hispanic Republic in just a few decades. However, that comes with costs. Already, California is the most illiterate state (only Miami, another US city with a heavy immigrant population, competes with California in sheer illiterate numbers) in the Union and is the US capital of illegitimate birth rates. It is one of the homes to the nation’s largest concentration of third world diseases such as tuberculosis, leprosy, AIDS to name only a few, not to mention a vast prison population fueled by immigration over our southern border. 

Essentially, we have a third world nation as large as most European countries within our own. And just like today, the inhabitants of this third world admixture and will forever be dependent on wealth transfers from the rest of the nation. Unlike today, however, in a few decades, the costs will become colossal for the remaining but dwindling first world regions in the US to cover. 

As more decades pass bringing our suicidal policies to its final close, we will all be Nigel the parrot. Leaving the Republic our fathers passed down through the ages irreparably changed and gone from the face of the earth forever.



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