Political Correctness Uber Alles

Americans have long been in the clutch of the despotic hand of political correctness. It has been our country’s civil religion as long as I can remember. It mostly serves as a minor nuisance in everyday life. It exist just enough to control our thoughts and speech, to be an overseer of our behavior and obstruct our natural view the world around us. However, it has even made its way into actual policy decisions and laws, especially under Obama & Holder Inc. For starters, consider immigration. Only a country so removed from reality would allow its borders and laws to be violated the way the US has. 

Once across our border, uninvited and unwanted, illegal immigrants find refuge and welfare relief from many state and city governments. Free from arrest, and least of all, deportation. The goodwill and charity comes, not from private hospitably of citizens but from the aid of government at taxpayer’s expense. Any negative reaction, and there is plenty, is ignored and shamed. Ugly labels are used as duct tape over the mouths of the average citizen. Silenced, pummeled, and threatened back into their living rooms and told to be good consumer peasants. Meanwhile, the “political” debate on immigration is anything but. Instead, it’s an issue that is talked around carefully when it front of cameras, and rather candidly behind doors. More illegal immigration is one of the only issues where both sides tend to agree. 

This is startling considering that Americans routinely poll between 60 and 70 percent in favor of curbing or ending immigration, as well as sending those back to the country of their origin who willfully and knowingly violated our laws. 

Why has nothing happened under the force of a clear majority? The clergy and holy priests who occupy the seats in our town halls, federal bureaucracies, universities, nonprofits, courts and Congress do not answer to the people. Instead they adhere to their dogma. It is better to practice the teachings of political correctness, in the holy name of diversity, then to obey men. 

Our federal government is the secular version of the Vatican. 

And so now we have a more immediate, pandemic threat in which political correctness was very much a factor. Ebola is a disease so foreign and far away from our shores that most Americans know nothing about it. That was until a man named Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian, who brought it to the United States and infected a yet unknown number. He was allowed to board an airplane in Liberia and fly to America despite the risks to public safety.

A country secure in its identity and unanimous in its beliefs would unhesitatingly take any and all actions and precautions to ensure the public safety of its citizens. We do not, unfortunately, live in such a country. Discussions of travel bans by federal officials and liberal pundits are dismissed as if time travel is being proposed instead of simply ending flights in and out of Ebola ridden areas of the world.

As Patrick J. Buchanan wrote, “The Greatest Generation possessed a common sense that seems lacking today.”
In dealing with contagious and deadly diseases, common sense says to err on the side of safety. Public safety must come before political correctness. Community and country come ahead of any obligation to the people of West Africa.

Indeed, is not the first duty of the government of the United States to protect the lives, liberty and property of the citizens of the United States?

Traveling to Africa decades ago, Americans were given a series of shots to avoid contracting indigenous diseases. Travelers to the United States were questioned about diseases to which they may have been exposed in Third World countries.

Now we have a government that considers it discriminatory to put troops on our frontiers to halt the invading millions from across the Mexican border, and the mark of a cruel and cold people to send back lawbreakers who have broken into our country.

All great religions need their martyrs. But rarely has there been a time when the zealotry of so few endangered the lives of so many.



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