Liberal Desperation: Agenda Project Action Fund blames Republicans for EBOLA crisis because of budget cuts.

Yesterday I highlighted an interview with Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institute for Health, and the Huffington Post. In this interview Dr. Collins declared that the reason the United States does not have an ebola vaccine or treatment was due to budget cuts. However, some research provided a little bit of  a different story. Now it seems that a liberal PAC has created an ad that lays the blame for Ebola solely at the feet of the GOP. Now there are many things you could honestly blame the GOP for, however, Ebola and the results of the horrible disease are not one of them. 

The rest of the one-minute ad is peppered with clips of Republicans asking for cuts, interspersed with top officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health saying the Ebola outbreak in West Africa could have been better handled if their agencies had more funding. NIH head Francis Collins said in an interview published Sunday that an Ebola vaccine might have been developed by now if it were not for a “10-year slide in research support.”
Erica Payne, the producer of the ad and president of the Agenda Project Action Fund, blamed the Ebola crisis wholly on the Republican Party.
“I think any Republican who attempts to chalk this ad up to politics is a Republican who is too afraid to examine the results of his of her actions and the very real consequences that they have,” she said. “They have developed a governing philosophy that is so fanatically anti-investment that they literally have at their doorstop death. There is no exaggeration in this.
“I think that the blame for the situation that we’re in now with the Ebola crisis is 100% the fault of Republicans and their fanatical anti-government philosophy,” she added. “They did this.”
This political scare-mongering reminded me of the video in which a mock Paul Ryan was shown pushing "grandma" off of a cliff in her wheelchair back in  2012. The Ryan video was also brought to us by the Agenda Project Action Fund (APAF), the creators of the abovementioned Ebola video. It seems the slime merchants over at the APAF have a penchant for attempting to cash in on the fear which is currently gripping the national consciousness.

Another point of interest is that this video is now garnering some attention around the same time Dr. Collins is out on the stump in interview after interview, blaming budget cuts for the NIH, more specifically NIAID, for the lack of an EBOLA treatment.  This to a skeptical mind might smack of political coordination and back room dealing to get attention off of the real problem. The inefficient way in which TEN different government organizations deal with the development and manufacturing of treatments for infectious diseases!



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