Ebola is the October Surprise

“The situation with Ebola and what’s going on in Syria and Iraq — all of this is creating a high level of anxiety among voters and a sense of uncertainty about the future,” said Democratic strategist Doug Thornell.
You don’t say. Yes Ebola and the typical head-in-the-sand take on the consequences of the spread of the virus are playing as strong factors headed into the midterm elections. Americans are worried, sure, but disgusted is a better description. It is almost as if we anticipated the eventual and inevitable spread of Ebola to the US. I mean who but our politicians, and what but our government, is better equipped to inflict an unmitigated disaster on their countrymen?

The lethal virus carried willy-nilly by a man from West Africa, who jetted his way to the US, on an international flight from the Ebola cradle, sick of course with the virus, landed on US soil like a dirty bomb and died in Dallas, Texas. However, not before he infected, now two hospital workers, before he died. Assuredly, there will be more to follow.  

A Liberian Ebola patient was left in an open area of a Dallas emergency room for hours, and the nurses treating him worked for days without proper protective gear and faced constantly changing protocols, according to a statement released late Tuesday by the largest U.S. nurses’ union.

Nurses were forced to use medical tape to secure openings in their flimsy garments, worried that their necks and heads were exposed as they cared for a patient with explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting, said Deborah Burger of National Nurses United.

This is insanity. An outrage our political class has inflicted upon Americans. In the name of inclusion and diversity, not the slightest scrutiny was given to passengers from Ebola infected countries. The thought of a travel ban, even the mere discussion of it, is sacrilegious to dumb-headed multiculturalists

Dr. Tom Frieden: If we isolate these countries, what’s not going to happen is the disease staying there. It will spread more, all over Africa and we’ll be at higher risk.

This makes no damn sense whatsoever. So in the name of inclusion and diversity we must ensure “It will spread more, all over America so that we’ll be at higher risk?”

These types of people are in charge of our country and somebody has to pay for it. Short of taking up arms and forcibly cleaning out Washington, Americans will use the only legal means at their disposal.
Like a man frantically running from one side of the boat to the other just before it capsizes, voters will frantically run to Republicans. Not realizing jumping ship and braving the sharks is a better alternative. 

Nonetheless, voters will punish the Democrats and President Obama for this disaster.



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