And so begins the decline of the presidency of Barack H. Obama.

President Obama would be best served if he were an octopus. He needs that many hands considering how many boiling pots he it tending. Now it appears he has struck up the fire on yet another burner. In the time of a paralyzing recession, President Obama has staggered the public with massive spending and soaring deficits. And what his rebuttal to the concern from the squeamish? Why, free healthcare, energy overhauls, and bigger government towards better education should erase any worries along with the deficits by the end of his first term. There is that hope thing again. In fact, he has showed that he will be very proactive in the process even if that means finding creative ways to indentify "wasteful spending" in other parts of the government to cover his plans and vision for America.

He has shown early that he intends to be a domestic-oriented President. He just doesn’t want to reform and start new initiatives; he wants to change the very system of government in key areas that will, in parts, drastically change America. But, herein lies the problem when a president undertakes sweeping and substantial changes in domestic policies. There are often unintended consequences and blowback. LBJ’s “Great Society” initiatives harkens to mind as the "Gibraltar" of America’s experiment with the Welfare State. America is a big place, with different regions, occupied by different kinds of people. Some regions are older, more populated, less religious, more prosperous, less educated, more diverse, more conservative, or transient and metropolitan. In other words, finding an agenda that suits the entire country is rarely achievable. That is why some issues, are like sleeping dogs; it’s best if you let them lie, especially considering the tough economic times in which we are experiencing. That may sound irresponsible at first, but part of being a leader is having wisdom to change the things that are achievable, first, with the most benefit towards overall success. At the moment, people are having a hard time providing for their families, paying bills, saving for the future, and simply paying their taxes. Too much, well, is sometimes too much.

All of that leads me to here: President Obama may soon experience how quickly America can become complicated and downright forceful when too many things are dropped into their laps. The president has announced that he intends fully to push the hairy issue of amnesty. In other words, open up a path to legalize the millions of “undocumented” illegal immigrants in the country. The president has identified his priorities as mentioned to an already skeptical country. He is fighting off concerns of America’s spiraling debt during a full blown recession by reinforcing his vision only. Now, he is seriously pushing the envelope by forcing the polarizing issue of amnesty to the front that could implode his popularity and place his party in dangerous territory just in time for mid-term elections.

Rather it is true or not, Americans, as any people for that matter, see illegal immigrants as competition for jobs, a liability to taxpayers, and a burden to inner cities schools, hospitals, and neighborhoods. Throw bad economic times and high unemployment in the mix and you quickly could have a revolt on your hands. If responsible and legal immigration were the case, which is what America's laws call for on paper, then there would hardly be those kinds of reactions. But, America has shown it is anything but responsible, or enforces a law and order immigration policy. That is what the people want, first. In fact, the clear majority demand it be that way. Amnesty is a spineless political move to build patronage at the expense of the law abiding American citizen and taxpayer.

The president is unwittingly forcing the majority of the American people to bear another burden for the sake of his presidency. It didn’t work in 2007 when Congress tried to cram through a bipartisan immigration bill, and it won’t work now. I believe President Obama is getting ready to receive his first lesson in the dynamics of American opinion. And it will be his popularity and political capital that will pay the cost.



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