Charlie Johnson's take on the Department of Homeland Security Report

Ole Charlie Johnson, of Little Green Footballs fame, is at it again. He is currently decrying the right wing blogoshpere as "hyperventilating" over the alleged Department of Homeland Security report on extremists and tying it to conservatives.

Johnson may be correct when he assesses,

First, this DHS assessment was begun more than a year ago, before Barack Obama was even nominated. It has absolutely nothing to do with “tea parties,” and it was not done at the behest of the Obama administration.
Still, my personal concern with the DHS report is not that it might be used by the federal government to paint anyone as an extremist except those deserving of the moniker. It is its intrinsic propaganda value to the bottom-feeders on the Far-Left which I find disturbing. If Chuck is to blind to see that, then I don't know what to tell him.

Here are a few examples of the latest disinformation from the carcass scavenging, so-called, Progressives.

Think Regress-DHS Report: After Obama’s Election, Right-Wing Extremists ‘May Be Gaining New Recruits’ & Fox host wonders if Obama administration will send ‘spies’ to tea parties.

Crooks and Liars-Conservatives indict themselves with shrieking over DHS report on right-wing terrorism

This is becoming truly pitiful.

(H/T to memeorandum)

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